In the continuation of the mis sion to fight and eliminate the Yao tribe in Malawi, the Malawi Congress Party sponsored media house Times group has assembled all its artillery to fight and eliminate the Yao tribe by branding it an islamic terrorist tribe among other strategies.

Yesterday the MCP’s owned media house released a shocking news item which claims that the Yao tribe has been involved in all terrorist attacks that have been taking place in Kenya, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and Nigeria.

The Malawi Congress Party under the leadership of Chakwera has employed a propaganda machinery to destroy the Yao by claiming that some Yao tribesmen are affilliated to Islamist Al Shabab, Boko Haram and the notorious Islamist ADF which is causing havoc in the Congolese Eastern town of Beni.

According to the secret munutes from a closed meeting in which MCP chief strategist Dr Zikhale Ng’oma had with MCP’s staunch supporter who is also chief editor of Times Media;George Kasakula and few other perceived strategists, it has been revealed that it is in MCP agenda to deal with the Yao tribe so that Malawians of other tribes should start hating Yaos mostly those who are Muslims.
The whole idea is to isolate and alienate the Yao and divide Southern region tribes; the region that is perceived as a threat to MCP victory.

This comes after MIA failed to bribe the Yao Paramount chief, His Eminence Kawinga and his cronies in the Eastern Region to rally behind the Malawi Congress Party.

The Yao’s have been MCP’s long time enemies and are always seen as a threat to MCP since the times of Masauko Chipembere and Medson Silombera.
Memories are still fresh about MCP attrocities angainst the Yaos whereby in one instance one whole Moto village was razed down and 376 innocent people burnt to death, their livestock looted and some of the girls and women who tried to escape were raped and left with psychological wounds.

Meanwhile, the Muslism groups and the the Yao cultural organisations are deeply saddened with this unfortunate behaviour from MCP and its supporters eapecially Times Group.

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