Tikusanduka dziko lokonda zamasewera… It’s a known fact, football standards are on the death bed despite tonnes and tonnes of investments and tourney participation.

APM continues to ridicule Malawians. His priorities are upside down. He’s shooting every blank bullet to win votes, the latest being the pledge to build two stadia for private clubs ie Nyasa Bullets and Be Forward Wanderers. This so called president already has a bag of useless foundation stones scattered all over the country.

Not only that, we are a country that just had one of its main airports blacklisted because of its delapidated state. We have a road network that has more potholes and pitholes… Of course we have have shoddy jobs in the construction sector, bridges collapsing at will. But APM is detached to reality, he’s a funny man…. He doesn’t care, his leadership skills keep ticking below one.

Now despite all the ailments Malawi has, APM thinks constructing stadia for Nyasa and Wanderers are the a priority. Damn, some leaders are not just a joke but the joke itself. Both teams are already sponsored by billionaires who can easily construct such infrastructure. We have the netball team that has been shining on the global scene without any tangible infrastructure befitting them domestically…and yes, they have been loudly crying for a netball stadium – but nah, APM (a He for She champion) is just a misfiring leader, with priorities upside down as his trademark.

Fellow Malawians, APM wants to syphon public coffers into private investments owned by existing billionaires whilst common Malawians are languishing in deep misery..the leadership has failed them with empty promises and plastic actions.

It is clear that APMs brain is retiring. The 80 year old is forcing matters and the same matters are clearly forcing him out. It’s a shame we have a leader who thinks from an exhaust pipe, leaving the engine unattended to.

Dear APM, Malawians are not crying for stadia, they need good health care, good roads, good education, good water, good public service etc.

Bakili played bullets politics and went baggard with it… Bingu came with the stadium politics, tried to erect it on his personal farm but alas Joyce Banda materialized that dream in Lilongwe, courtesy of the Chinese. And this APM, is a dummy… He’s always lied to Malawians about a new stadium in Blantyre. Look at the condition of MDC, Civo and Mzuzu Stadia… Mutharika deserves no vote, he deserves a red card, he must stop teasing, bullying and mocking Malawians. Leadership is not an experiment

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