Each time I read the bible, am always encouraged by great; stories such as that of Abraham, Joseph and David. They are by far one of my greatest biblical stories. Abraham was a man of faith, Joseph defied all odds to achieve what God had put in his way and David was a man after God’s heart.

These are biblical great inspirations and an assurance of God’s glory. Indeed, God does favour some people and bless the works of their hands.

In modern day, we have such people. Through their stories, believers are able to see the power of God manifesting through their works. There are three things that one can not hide in this life and they are a pregnancy, a curse and blessings.

Surely, I can not be talking about pregnancy in this narration and I do not wish to discuss curses. Allow me to simply talk about blessings. Blessings of Dr Saulos Chilima.

This is a mare talk to non-believers, but to those who believe that indeed, God can choose certain people for greater purposes. You do not have to go far to see that such people have certain grace and favour. Whatever they touch bears fruits and whenever you involve them to something, it surely comes into great fruition.

APM is a believer. He understands this and I assure you, he has a great nose for talent and those blessed. It shocked even you and me when he announced his runningmate in 2014. We expected someone from within or those with political experience, but to the contrary, it was Dr Chilima who was named runningmate.

He left Airtel, a company he had successfully managed to great success and delivered beyond expectations. Let that be a talk for another day.

This decision, the one APM made took him to state house. They won against all odds. I have no idea why Chilima left his lucrative job to be runningmate for a party that had been temporary kicked out of government and forced to opposition benches. You just cant understand people who are blessed, unless of course, you understand the scripture revelations of being blessed.

While as vice president, it all started well. He was delegated to do this and that for the country including his stay at disaster managed and civil service reforms. The man is a performer and performed to the eyes of all. What happened instead, just like Joseph who had favour before Jacob, he was pushed out.

This did not make him bitter in anyway. He remained loyal and respectful to his superior until such a time when the majority anointed him to lead, that’s, when we had the birth of UTM.

Within a shortest period of time, he built UTM against all odds and doubting Thomases. Within 1.5 months, he was number three on some political survey by our learned brothers. That’s no mean thing to achieve.

Look at this, a lot of Malawians had given up on voting, that’s why the first phase of voter registration was welcomed with a very low turn out. And then, there was Chilima declaring that he will contest and urged people to go and register. This produced fruits. Statistics are there on MEC’s website for reference, a lot of people went to register, making the second and subsequent phases very successful.

On top of that, it was young people who went in large numbers to register and as we are speaking, this year’s elections, according to MEC, it is young people that are in majority to vote. Do you see the hand of God favouring Chilima in all this? Or, maybe, it’s just coincidence?

Then, when he speaks, he speaks with authority and things happen. From corruption to slashed fuel prices, they happened and results were evident. It’s not like government is at liberty to enforce what he speaks, its just the power of God that manifests through what he speaks. Talk for another day.

Today, I was privileged to attend his press conference that had temporarily put Malawi at ransom as everybody looked forward to what he would say. He came with a message of hope. He gave hope to people and reason for them to be strong. In short, his message was that, this pain that Malawi is going through is temporally and will end in May.
There is a reason his words cause so much havoc, correct things and attract reactions upon reactions, they are not his words alone, but God speaking to Malawians through him and that, my friends, cannot be fought. People try to fight what he says, but they simply end up embarrassing themselves.

Look at MCP, claiming that whatever he spoke, Chakwera already spoke about it. It might be true, the only difference is that Chilima is the chosen one, that’s why we pay attention to what he speaks because its God who speaks through him, the rest, we have no idea on whose authority they speak under but whatever it is, it’s useless authorities that have no attraction and relevance and I have a strong feeling that they speak when their authorities are on vacation.

Can you see how people are now embarrassing themselves trying hard to own or disregard what Chilima spoke at the press conference today? Blessings are to be celebrated not fought. He is blessed. He is loved by Malawians. God blesses the works of his hands. Am actually being blessed to acknowledge his blessings, you could do the same too. (Kelvin Sulugwe)

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