The outgoing DPP government is so obsessed with everything that Vice President Saulos Chilima says instead of investing its energies on real issues affecting Malawians.

A political analyst said govt is fond of engaging in trivia when it comes to what the Vice President says or does.

Government has in the past week issued two press statements based on trivia with the latest responding to a letter of apology by Chilima to Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi over the assault of journalist George Banda during presentation of nomination papers by Chilima in Blantyre on Wednesday.

The analyst said government is dismissing the apology by Chilima yet Chilima wrote MISA Malawi Chairperson Teresa Ndanga who is yet to respond to the letter.

“I think people in government are shallow in their thinking. They are supposed to tell us how far they have gone with the investigation of the incident that the Vice President told them to do not dwell on trivia,” he said.

“If this government was as passionate about doing something the way they are obsessed with UTM and it’s President, by now Malawians would have known the Robert Chasowa murderers and they would be in jail.

“By now Malawians would have known people behind the murder of Issa Njaunju and they would be in jail.”

“Government, if it was serious, by now would have told us about the Albino merchants and they would be in jail and also corrupt people be in Police ration procurement, Immigration uniform procurement, ESCOM and many more scandals.”

“We implore government to go beyond issuing press statements but to act. They have the machinery to do something about these issues.”

“Government offices are not only filled with computers and printers, there are also files that need as urgent and passionate attention,” he said.

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