Caught pants down again! The DPP has devised a plan to use hardcore prisoners to eliminate opposition leaders and are looking for an opportune time when MCP and UTM rallies clash to implement the plan.

We can reveal that government has started releasing these hardcore criminals from some prisons in the country on ‘health grounds’.

The prisoners are being released from Chichiri, Maula, Ntcheu, Zomba and Nsanje prisons.

“The plan is to take advantage of the UTM and MCP rally to clash and they are going to use these hardcore criminals to assassinate the leadership of the two parties and blame it on the supporters of the two parties,” said our intelligence source privy to the grand plan.

“The hardcore prisoners are excited with the idea and most of them are already out just for the opportune time to strike,” said the source.

“After the expected bloody clash between MCP and UTM, President Peter Mutharika is set to prolong his rule whilst labeling the two parties unfit to rule and bloody,” he said.

“Logistics for this exercise are already set but they are under tight rid. Planning is in process, we just want to seize the right opportunity to strike,” said the source.

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