A western diplomat is shocked that President Peter Mutharika is still President of Malawi and asking for another term even after he was caught stealing K145 million public money.

The diplomat who did not want to to be named for obvious consequences, said in an interview in Lilongwe on Thursday that it is immoral for Mutharika to be asking for another term with a corruption case hanging over his head.

“I think Malawians are very patient and passive people. If it were in my country the moment it was discovered that the President had corruptly received tainted money in his account, he was going to be removed,” he said.

The diplomat said he decided to give us an exclusive interview after he visited a rural area three weeks ago where he was shocked with the poverty levels.

“What I saw there made me cry. I have never been depressed like this before. To think that the President got K145 million to himself from a corrupt businessman and these rural people are living in abject poverty made my heart shudder,” said the diplomat.

“A mother was carrying a three month old baby on her back and a five year old girl walking on foot going to the hospital and they told me they had done 9 kilometers of the 15 kilometers journey, this really touched me,” narrated the white diplomat.

“Now to know that your President got all this money which would have helped this poor woman and her children and many more I met and kept it to himself is something I don’t want to accept but it is the truth, it’s sad, ” he said.

“Now that leader wants another term, really? I can only sympathize with Malawians. If it were in my country, that leader would be in jail now,” said the diplomat.

President Peter Mutharika got K145 million from businessman Zameer Karim who deposited the money in a ruling DPP account whose only signatory was Mutharika.

This was just days after Mutharika’s government awarded Karim a controversial food rations deal for the Malawi Police Service worth K2.9 billion.

DPP Secretary General Greizelder Jeffrey who is the Chief Executive Officer of the party said she was not aware of this amount in the party’s coffers.

Mutharika withdrew about K65 million from the account at Standard Bank before the revelations came to light.

Just a few months after the K145 million deposit, Karim bought 5 Nissan Pickup vehicles worth K85 million and donated and registered them in Mutharika’s name.

After realizing that they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, the DPP paid back the K145 million but Mutharika kept the vehicles.

Karim and some senior police officials are facing corruption charges related to the K2.9 billion food rations deal which many feel is just a smokescreen to make the DPP look like is fighting corruption.

“Its sad that Malawians did not rise and demanded the resignation of their leader with the clear evidence of corruption and abuse of resources,” said the diplomat.

“It is shocking that the President is asking for another term with all these corruption allegations against him.A man with integrity would have left the stage by now but this is shocking,” said the diplomat.

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