Former Commissioner General of Zimbabwe Police Force Augustine Chihuri, wanted in his country for financial crimes lives in President Peter Mutharika’s house in Lilongwe.

We can reveal that Chihuri has been staying at Mutharika’s house in the suburbs of Area 10 in Lilongwe.

Malawi has committed a diplomatic gaffe with revelations that it is keeping a fugitive instead of handing him over to the Zimbabwean government.

“Mr Chihuri is wanted by the Zimbabwean government for financial crimes. He run away when there was change of government last year,” said a source.

Chihuri was Commissioner General for Zimbabwe Police Force from 1994 to December 2017.

Vice President Saulos Chilima told a news conference at his residence in Lilongwe in the wee hours of Sunday morning that Chihuri has been hired by the DPP government to train DPP cadets to act like Police officers to disturb elections.

“We want Mr Chihuri to leave the country immediately,” said Chilima.

Insiders said Chihuri also supplied Police uniforms to the DPP cadets.

“But he is also the one who was funding the DPP campaign. Those trucks with mobile TVs were given by Chihuri,” said a DPP insider.

We verified this information with DPP regional Governor for the South Charles Mchacha.

A diplomatic expert said Malawi has committed a ‘serious diplomatic blunder’ for letting Chihuri stay in the country.

“If what you are saying is true that he lives in a house belonging to the State President then this is a very serious blunder. A whole State President cannot support a fugitive instead of arresting him and handing him over to the Zimbabwean government,” he said.

Chihuri: In Malawi for a rigging mission

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