Malawi is a ‘Tippex’ nation. It uses ‘Tippex’ to decide its future and no wonder the country has a ‘Tippex’ economy.

Tippex is not easy to find nowadays thanks to the digital age, people in offices and businesses are using emails more and there is less paperwork.

But the once forgotten ‘Tippex’ found it’s way on the Malawian market just as the beleaguered Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) were about to tabulate figures in the just ended elections.

An economist commentator said even the country us now a ‘Tippex’ economy.

“Have you ever wondered why our real poverty is not known except by International organisations?” Wondered the economist.

“This is so because the figures are being cooked and tippexed along the way. Otherwise one can fail to explain out GDP compared with the poverty we see in the villages,” said the commentator.

He said now that government did not change, the ruling party will continue ‘tippexing’ the economy and predicted more tough times ahead.

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