It has been revealed that Football Association of Malawi (FAM) President, Walter Nyamilandu, was one of the individuals who actually planned and executed the rigging operation for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the just ended tripartite elections.

He also played the role of pay-master responsible for the Lower Shire, and was actually the one who was paying the compromised Returning Officers across the region including the one who was caught in Nsanje personally marking thousands of ballots for Peter Mutharika.

According to a reliable inside source close to the epicenter of the planning, Nyamilandu received 20 Million kwacha from President Peter Mutharika’s Security aide Norman Paulos Chisale on the morning of May 22, for the operation.

The transaction took place at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre, and Nyamilandu immediately left for Lower Shire to distribute the money to returning officers and other individuals who were ‘bought’ to implement the rigging operation.

Nyamilandu has recently faced accusations that he is a DPP cadet; an accusation he has always denied.

This latest revelation however confirms that the FAM President is indeed a DPP operative, and not just any other operative but a key member of the party’s planning team responsible for the its dirty and underhand operations.

When DPP was launching its Manifesto on April 8 this year at Kamuzu Institute for Sports in Lilongwe, Nyamilandu dragged FAM to sponsor the live beaming of the function on MBCTV.

He later denied that FAM actually sponsored the program saying things that did not make much sense.

FIFA does not allow Football Associations to be entangled or to take part in political activities and what Nyamilandu is doing may court the wrath of the world football governing body, which can ban FAM from participating in any international games for a lengthy period.

Meanwhile some of AFAM’s affiliate organizations and other stakeholders are planning to call for an emergency board meeting to discipline Nyamilandu or to remove him from his position to avert a crisis that can come in the event that FIFA reacts to Nyamilandu’s escapades

According to a source within the football circles, the FAM President has brought the name of football in this country into disrepute and are considering penning FIFA to consider removing Nyamilandu from its council to which he was elected in September last year.

The stakeholders contend that Nyamilandu will most likely be summoned to answer accusations of wrongdoing and possibly fraud, and to give evidence in the ongoing court case at the constitutional court in which MCP and UTM are challenging and asking the court to annul the outcome of the May 21 elections.

No wonder our football never improves.

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