The Reserve Bank Manager who was arrested with other four employees has revealed that K354million missing at Reserve Bank was transferred to Data Entry Clerks of Malawi Electoral Commission.

The former finance Minister directed the Reserve Bank Manager to transfer 18 Million Kwacha to each data clerk. The transaction failed to balance due to over shooting in MEC’s budget and the Manager tried to convince Gondwe but nothing was done at a right time reaching the period internal Auditors discovered a fraud after urgent instruction from RBM Governor.

The Manager and former Minister of finance suspect that the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Governor and Dr Saulos Chilima played a dirty game to them with an aim of tarnishing DPP’s image. Meanwhile, DPP is planning to fire the Reserve Bank Governor for stubbing it at back and have advised the ACB to take a pause on this matter till supporting documents are scrutinized.

The MEC Chairman and Chief Executive Office are also suspected to pocket 2 Billion Kwacha each from DPP

Our reporters have found out that some data clerks received over 18 Million Kwacha from Reserve Bank and this was revealed to Dr Saulos Chilima by Reserve Bank Governor who later took it as evidence in his petition. Some DPP officials are planning to dismiss life of Reserve Governor in a mid fear that the development might mean calamity and eternal death of ruling party.

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