Embattled Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah has stayed behind in the United Kingdom (UK) where she went with other MEC officials for official duties.

Insiders said it is more likely that Ansah will be in the UK for ‘sometime’ since she has a house in Nottingham.

Chief Elections Officer Sam Alfandika who was on the trip with Ansah and some MEC officials returned home on Monday.

“The Chairperson has stayed behind, she has a family in the UK and she is visiting them before coming back home, but I cannot say when she will be back in the country,” said Alfandika.

However, a MEC official who did not want to be named said Ansah will likely stay in the UK for ‘a long time’.

“With the protests at home, she will not want to be in Malawi at the moment, she will be in the UK for some time, for a long time,” said the official.

Ansah has a home in Nottingham where her husband is a pastor of Christ Citadel International Church in Nottinghamshire.

Despite street protests, Ansah, a Justice of Appeal at the Malawi Supreme Court is refusing to step down saying she can only do so if the courts rule that she did not handle the elections well.

Meanwhile street protests against Ansah will take a new turn with almost 3 million people taking to the streets on August 6, 2019.

Each region is expected to see one million people protesting in a march dubbed ‘Million March, Jane Ansah must fall’.

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