MEC BOSSES IN DUBIOUS ALLOWANCES: Get millions for outside trips not taken

Beleaguered Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) bosses have been shamed in an allowances scam where they got money in millions of kwachas for 50 days out of Station trips that were never taken.

At the centre of it all is MEC Chief Elections Officer Sammy Alfandika who got K1.8 million for 50 days out of station allowances yet he never traveled out of duty station for those days.

Greedy also got better of Alfandika who also got international allowances on top of these allowances when he traveled to the United Kingdom two weeks ago together with MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah.

Ansah has since stayed put in England where she has a House in Nottinghamshire.

The ‘out of duty station’ allowances which the bosses got are all for 50 days, meaning that all the senior bosses were away for 50 days working in the field.

Junior staff who would normally accompany the bosses were not paid any allowances and the revelations have opened a pandoras box.

The junior officers are planning a sit in and others have invited officials from Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to give them more information on the rot.

The bosses are said to have gotten the allowances ranging from K1.2 million to K1.8 million for Alfandika.

Those who got the allowances are Alfandika himself, Harris Potani, Henzily Munkhondia,Fletcher Chimwaza,Sam Sitolo, Deverson Makwete,Fyson Magalasi, King Rudi and James Mapweleme.

“The allowances were supposed to be given to the whole organization. People are frustrated because the risk allowances to all other support staff was not approved. To make matters worse the management has not addressed all the staff members on this issue,” said our impeccable inside source.

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