First Capital Bank (FCB) owner Hitesh Anadkat has hired Nigerian thugs to kill Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) leaders Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence after demonstrators vandalized his bank at City Centre in Lilongwe during the anti-Jane Ansah demonstrations on Tuesday.
Insiders said the murderous plot was hatched between Anadkat and a well known Nigerian drug pin and gangster based in Lilongwe’s Area 47 suburb called Ike Nwanchuku on Wednesday evening.
“Ike is now organizing his thugs to abduct Mtambo and Trapence and kill them so that it looks like a robbery gone wrong,” said one of the Nigerians, privy to the plot but is reluctant to be part of.
“The plan was to do this on Thursday night but looks like these guys are slippery and they cannot be found in places where they are normally found. But Ike is still going ahead with his plan,” added the source.
Anadkat is said to have been infuriated with the breaking of his FCB Capital City Branch after he supported some of the demonstrators to be targeting rival banks and Asian business competitors.
“The boss is in a foul mood. I have never seen him this angry since I started working here for the past 15 years. He kept shouting at people and even on the phone he was shouting and giving instructions that ‘deal with them, deal with them’ to whoever he was speaking with,” said another employee of FCB in Blantyre.
Trapence said he was aware of the allegations about the plot by Anadkat and ‘some Nigerians’ to kill him and Mtambo.
The plot would have some serious ramifications as some ‘concerned Malawians’ calling themselves ‘friends of HRDC leaders’ have vowed to ‘descend’ on Nigerians and Indians if anything happens to Mtambo and Trapence.
“These Nigerians must know that we are watching what evils they are doing in Malawi and they will pay heavily very soon. Nigerians must know that if Malawians decide to target them, Malangalanga will be swept in no more than one hour. No Malawian can be allowed to set up businesses in Lagos and they think that Malawians are fools,” said James Kalimbakatha a friend of HRDC leaders.
“As for Anadkat and his Asian friends, who think that they can do state capture and get away with it, they have another thing coming. They have miscalculated how determined Malawians have become. Malawians should know that these Asians don’t want to go back home because they are nothing when they go back to their country. They should not provoke Malawians because they will pay dearly.”
“If anything happens to any of the HRDC leaders, or opposition leaders, this country will be on fire, and foreigners will pay the most price, for you will be targeted,” declared Kalimbakatha.

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