Desperation has engulfed DPP as it has instructed its notorious cadets to address a press conference as ‘UTM youths’ this afternoon in Lilongwe to condemn the Anti-Jane Ansah demonstrations.

According to insiders the press conference will be held at Centurion Hotel at 2pm and will be covered live by State Broadcaster MBC TV and radio.

The plan has one flaw which the so called ‘DPP strategists overlooked: MBC has never covered any legitimate UTM event live.

“They are parading their own DPP cadets to disguise as UTM youths, this is one of the lowest strategies ever since the word strategy was coined, ” said an insider of the plan.

“I think we have run out of ideas, UTM has never been covered live by MBC and this confirms that it’s our own thing,” he added.

Another source confirmed that the purported ‘UTM youths’ are the same DPP cadets who have been paid and will be dressed in UTM attire.

“I think as a party, we have stopped thinking and I dont think our President could sanction this if he was rely on top of things. Tiyaluka nazo izizi,” said another DPP operative a lawyer by profession.

UTM Director of Youth Bon Kalindo said their youths are not addressing any press conference anywhere in the country today.

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