Local Government and Rural Development Minister Benson Malunga Phiri is an extravagant man. He recently blew millions of taxpayers to open a mere borehole.

Travelling with state security, state media and a horde of officials from his ministry, Phiri blew almost K3 million to open the borehole in Thyolo.

He has come under heavy criticism for the stunt.

A picture of Phiri inaugurating a borehole has gone viral on social media.

Many commentators said Phiri should learn to delegate some of such function to ward councillors.

“A whole cabinet minister, traveling with state security, state media and huge allowances just to inaugurate a borehole?” Wondered one.

“This is impunity at it’s best and one wonders if he cares at all or to him thus is ok because he is not spending his money,” wrote another commentator.

Ever since Phiri was appointed a cabinet minister in June he has always been on the road conducting some functions that are not even under his ministry.

Insiders said Phiri is positioning himself as DPP torchbearer for the 2024 elections as incumbent President Peter Mutharika would have served his two term mandate.

Shameful: Phiri opening a borehole in his constituency

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