Businessman James Chuma is now the man to talk to if you want any government business or favours from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) replacing the once flamboyant Leston Mulli.

Chuma is now controlling all government businesses with him getting the lions share and in the end funding some of the parties strategic activities like the on going elections case.

We can reveal that Chuma has been the one paying the lawyers representing President Peter Mutharika in the elections case and is now trying to find ways of getting to the Judges presiding the case to influence its outcome.

Chuma is also involved in paying DPP cadets who have been on a petrol bombing spree lately.

“James Chuma is the new Leston Mulli, whatever Mulli was doing during the time of Bingu Mutharika Chuma is doing it four times more. He is so powerful now,” said an insider.

Because of his connections with State House Chuma is being given most of government contracts like the construction of football stadiums in the districts. His proxies are also getting huge contracts. He got K22 billion for the Stadium contracts alone,” added the source.

A highly ranking DPP official also confirmed Chuma is the man to talk to if you want things to go your way.

“Tables have changed. James Chuma is the guy who will make things happen for anyone in the party, just like Mulli used to do,” added the source.

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