CHIMULIRENJI STRATEGIES ON TAKING-OVER FROM APM…A Picture that destroyed APM, Chimulirenji relations

This is a picture that has finally destroyed the relationship between President Peter Mutharika and his Vice Everton Chimulirenji, just four months after the pair were controversially declared winners of the May 21 elections.

President Mutharika was livid with anger when he saw the picture of Chimulirenji posing with influential people from Ntcheu, Chimulirenji’s home district which included two of his advisors, Chris Daza and Dr Wengawenga.

The picture was taken after Chimulirenji had meet the people who also included veteran politician Eston Kakhome, former diplomat John Chikago and others in preparation for a government take over ‘should health fail Mutharika’.

After receiving intelligence reports from head of National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) Elvis Thodi, Mutharika was angry that he could not hold his cool during a political rally he addressed in the lower shire on Sunday where he dressed down his Vice to the astonishment of DPP followers and other political followers.

Mutharika ‘belittled’ Chimulirenji saying his was a ‘mere’ deputy and not ‘leader’ of the country and should forget harbouring ambitions of ruling Malawi.

Those who did not know about the picture and the meeting were left wondering what has happened to the top two citizens to fall out after just four months into their term.

Intelligence sources said Chimulirenji met with the ‘Ntcheu cream’ after gathering information that the President’s health was ‘falling’ and he should be prepared to take over in case of any ‘eventuality’.

“You must remember that Chimulirenji was put there by Mrs. Mutharika and Norman Paulos Chisale, the President’s security aide. These are the only to people who are privy to the health status of the President and they know what is happening, hence the meeting Chimulirenji had with people from his home district,” said our impeccable source.

“They discussed several issues including how ready the Vice president is to take over if the President’s health falls drastically and also if the courts rule that there should be a re run of the elections,” added the source.

This information, passed to President Mutharika on Saturday night at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre disturbed him greatly to discover that even his wife is plotting against him.

“That is why he was angry and said whatever he said at the rally. The situation is tense between the two. But it looks like Chimulirenji is not moved because he knows that he cannot be removed from his post, he saw what (Saulos) Chilima (Immediate vice President)) did and he is convinced he can try his luck for the top job,” said another insider privy to the issues at State House.

Almost all the Presidents of Malawi after the introduction of multiparty system of government in 1993 have fallen out with their Vice President’s but analysts say the Mutharika-Chimulirenji pair has become the first to fallout in a record time of three months and some days after elections

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