EXCLUSIVE: International media implicates Rwanda of terrorising her foreign citizens

By John Saukira 

Rwandan President Paul Kagame is being praised for taking Rwanda into great heights internally in terms of social Economic stabilisation.

Rwanda is currently a model of many African States in terms of uplifting welfare of its people talking about housing, roads infrastructure, trade and Agriculture.

However, Kagame has another side of his life which many people do not know. According to an Australian ABC News Online article published on Monday 26 August, 2019.

In the article it is reported that Rwandan refugees residing in Australia are living in fear for being targeted by their birth country.

It is reported that that spying and interference has reached at its highest levels to the effect that domestic intelligence officials warn of unprecedented threat being posed.

Rwanda is reported to have network of spies not only in Australia but across the world.

According to ABC News, Intelligence experts say the public doesn’t fully understand the extent of the threat, or how easily migrants and refugees can be recruited as spies, often against their will.

An Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) spokesperson told ABC News Online that foreign interference and espionage was happening at an “unprecedented scale” but refused to diverge to the media detailed tactics used to recruit refugees and migrants.

According to the online, the Rwandan Government uses Ambassadors to be the chief hitmen.

The ASIO warning comes after the ABC uncovered a secret recording of an alleged Rwandan spy, filmed in a Gold Coast car park late last year.

The man can be heard explaining how the Rwandan Government runs espionage operations out of its embassies and high commissions.

When there is an embassy, the Ambassador is in charge of the secret agents,” he said on the tape.

The term “spy” often refers to anyone who gathers intelligence or information overseas, without letting their host country know what they’re doing.

Professor John Blaxland from the Australian National University said many countries had a track record of trying to use their nationals living in Australia to spy.

On Monday September 9, 2019, South African Government asked Rwandan Government to extradite two men suspected of murdering the former Rwandan intelligence chief Patrick Keregeya in a move likely to strain diplomatic relations among the two countries according to The Guardian Newspaper.

Lawyers representing Karegeya whose body was found in Michelangelo Hotel in pool of blood said South African prosecutors have ASSRED THEM THAT WARRANT of arrests on the two killers have been issued.

Malawi under threat

According to the Rwandan Online News published April 7, 2019, it is well known that Kagame tried to apply his influence over the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) even thought this was only partially successful.

He was able to setup a government that followed his orders, but it didn’t go completely as he had planned. Just as a reminder, his military was expelled from the Congo the first time by Laurent Desire Kabila.

At that time, the head of the Congolese military was General James Kabarebe who later became the minister of defense in Rwanda.

According the Rwandan report now  that he’s failed in the Great Lakes region, he wants to come down south to SADC countries.

Let us take a close look at the country of Malawi. He is slowly taking over government institutions to the point where residents of Malawi claim that Malawi is at the point where Uganda was before Museveni took measures to deal with Kagame’s infiltration of Uganda’s institutions.

According to the report when you look closely at the country of Malawi, the country has become a home for Kagame’s agents in charge of killing, disappearing, abducting, kidnapping, poisoning and scaring Rwandan refugees who fled the RPF.

All the cities in Malawi are littered with those killers whose job is to pursue Rwandan refugees who own small businesses that sustain them in their day to day needs.

These evildoers operate under the umbrella of the “Diaspora” organization that works for the Rwandan government.

The “Diaspora” organization is the conduit for all their evil doings. This “Diaspora” organization has leaders in every country that hosts Rwanda refugees in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The paper gives an example on how these Kagame agents operates.

“Refugees of Hutu ethnicity are accused of committing genocide and Tutsis are accused of stealing. To that end, a man named Vincent Murekezi who lived in Malawi was abducted from a Malawian prison even though the extradition treaty between Rwanda and Malawi was not signed until Murekezi was already serving his sentence. This law was applied retrospectively.,” Reads the report in part.

Some of their recent success in their evildoing according to include the following: Shooting a Rwandan refugee named Jerome, a born-again Christian who lived in Lilongwe, killing a man named Gasana who once led the “Diaspora” after he decided to distance himself from the organization due to their murderous activities and the killing of a young man named Mundere because he belonged to an opposition party.

The report argue that Malawian police claimed that they shot him due to suspicion of him being a thief but those who saw his dead body claim that they never saw a bulled wound and instead found multiple knife wounds.

They also found his male organs burnt using an iron. It is suspected that Mundere was killed by Paul Kagame’s killers who turned around and bribed the Malawian police in order to cover up the crime and publicize wrong information.

These days, word among the refugees is that spy agents and the “Diaspora” have delivered a list of 47 Rwandan refugees who must be illegally abducted and sent to Rwanda.

This news has Rwandan refugees in Malawi worried and no longer feel secure. It is turning like Uganda where refugees were abducted by Kagame’s agents who were operating with Ugandan policemen including their leader Kale Kayihura that’s according to The Rwandan Online.

Refugees have started to wonder whether Malawi is slowly becoming another territory of Rwanda because Rwanda’s spy agencies operate as they like and when they want. These spies are supported by leaders of the Rwandan “Diaspora” in Malawi. Members of the “Diaspora” go around spreading fear among real refugees claiming that the Malawian government supports then in their evil doings.

One Rwandan refugee source told our reporter that there has been suspicious and sinister meetings taking place in Salima where it is believed that plans and strategies on how eliminate their counterparts are being drawn.

We are reliably informed that such sinister meeting took place last Sunday on 7 September, 2019.

Mark Bottoman is Malawi Minister of Information Communication Technology who is also Government Spokesperson. When drawn to comment on the issue of spying and security threats Bottoman said he has no information on the matter and promised to come back to us when ready with information.

“I will consult on this honestly I dont have information of course I have followed the issues surrounding South Africa demands to have two people extradited,” Bottoman said.

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