Bizarre! Minister of Finance Joseph Mwanamvekha dropped a talisman ‘Chithumwa’ at Kamuzu International Airport when he was seeing off President Peter Mutharika to the USA on Wednesday.

Mwanamvekha dropped the ‘Chithumwa’ when he was giving money to one of the cadets who had begged him for some.

“As he was giving the cadet the money, the ‘small pilo’ fell off but he did not realise until one of the cadets quickly got it,” said an eye witness.

Four cadets we talked to also confirmed the incident.

“I saw one cadet who got the ‘Chithumwa’ and gave it to a State House private security guard a Mr Kaunda to keep it for the Minister,” said the Cadet.

Another source from the Ministry of Finance who was also there at the Airport also confirmed the incident.

“It was very embarrassing for our minister and some of us just walked away,” said the source.

When Mwanamvekha realized that he had ‘lost’ something, he was agitated and very down, close to tears.

He asked his driver if he had seen ‘something’ and this confused the driver even more.

After some investigations especially with the cadets, Mwanamvekha was told that it was a private State House security guard a Mr Kaunda ‘who is keeping your thing’.

The Minister rushed and located Mr Kaunda who gave him back his ‘thing’.

Mwanamvekha was so happy and wiped the tears away on his face and fished out K100,000 cash Kaunda as a token of appreciation for keeping his ‘thing’ safe.

Other close friends to Mwanamvekha also said the Minister is known for some ‘weird behavior’.

“Sometimes on his foreign trips he takes some food which he insists should be cooked in a clay pot and nothing else,” revealed a close friend of Mwanamvekha.

Insiders said Mwanamvekha keeps ‘Zithumwa’ as one way of keeping his ministerial job safe saying he has always been doing this even when he was in private sector.

Before joining the public sector, Mwanamvekha worked at Continental Discount House before becoming the Chief Executive Officer for the then state controlled Malawi Savings Bank.

“But the main reason why he keeps these charms is a ploy to be loved by Mutharika and the entire party ahead of the succession plan in DPP in 2024,” said a source.

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