Embarrassing! President Peter Mutharika addressed empty chairs and a handful delegates mostly Malawians at the on going United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York USA Thursday.

Pictures show that Mutharika speaking to the empty chairs save for a few delegates mostly Malawians.

Most UNGA delegates shunned Mutharika’s address which contained lies.

Other leaders attracted huge crowds during their addresses to the UNGA.

Mutharika took advantage of the empty chairs and a few Malawians to lie that the elections in Malawi were free, fair and credible.

Mutharika was economical with the truth when he forgot to mention that the ‘credible’ elections were being contested in the Constitutional Court.

Instead, Mutharika lied through his teeth that opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) were sponsoring post election violence.

Pathetic patronage

Mutharika also told the empty chamber that he has practiced restraint to the violence by preaching peace.

However, every Malawian including six year olds, is aware of Mutharika’s war mongering words when he stated that ‘force will be met with force’ in reaction to anti-Jane Ansah demonstrations organized by the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) not the MCP as he told the world.

Mutharika also lied when he said that he fought violence with love.

A political analyst who did not want to be named said Mutharika’s UNGA speech is very embarrassing and a shame to the Malawi nation.

“How can a whole grown man stand in front of the world (mostly TV stations) and lie about the credibility of the elections in Malawi. Honestly everyone who is following what has been happening in the country must be laughing at us,” he said.

“We will be mocked as having a President who lies in public. This is embarrassing indeed,” he added.

Mutharika jets back home at the weekend, a departure from previous UNGA trips where he is the last one to leave after the summit spending almost a month or two in the USA.

Impressive: Trump’s patronage

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