Mordecai Msiska, SC, Tears Cadet Frank Farook Mbeta (Lead Lawyer for APM) Apart as ConCourt Justice Redson Kapindu Throws Mbeta Off-Rail

The expectation of most of us who were in court yesterday was that today’s daily papers would have headings that depict what happened in court yesterday but as usual, the compromised journalists that attend the court proceedings have lived up to their billing – disappointers. What we highlight in this post is what most journalists will not dare to write in fear of being forced to vomit what they have eaten from the Presidential Aide, Dr. Bright Molande, whose sole responsibility at State House is to make sure that any piece of news that is damaging on government does not come out in the papers.

Episode 1 – Malembo Polling Centre

Cadet Frank Mbeta, the lead lawyer for the Prince of Thieves, displayed a Tally Sheet for Malembo Polling Centre from the constituency where Rev. Dr. Lazarus MacCarthy Chakwera comes from. He made LMC do some arithmetic additions which were aimed at proving that the errors on the Tally Sheets were not made in an attempt to favour APM but rather normal. Little did he know that he has been blinded by his thieving, corrupt and arrogant attitude that is the hallmark and main buttress of the Demonic Progressive Party.

Cadet Mbeta then asked LMC a question and it went like this:

Cadet Mbeta: “Can you confirm that this Tally Sheet was examined by your monitors?”

Justice Kapindu chipped in before Chakwera answered: “Counsel Mbeta, I am seeing that that Tally Sheet was signed by CCJP, MESN and NICE personnel. Are you telling this court that those are party monitors?”

It was at this stage that Mbeta’s eyes were opened – that was when he realized that the Tally Sheet was signed by observers and not monitors. He started fumbling like a lost goat. At this moment, Kalekeni Kalephera bent his head down in total disbelief and he remained in that state till court broke for lunch. It was only after the lunch break that Kalephera raised his head up again.

Justice Kapindu told Cadet Mbeta to go and research and report back to the court after lunch on which law gives observers the mandate to sign Tally Sheets on behalf of party monitors.

After lunch, Cadet Mbeta explained that the law mandates party monitors to sign Tally Sheets and not observers. In fact, in the act, only monitors and international observers are allowed to be at the Polling Centre, not these local observers. The bench schooled Cadet Mbeta that the Tally Sheets were designed to accommodate only party monitors to append their signatures hence the sheets bearing that term/title in them. The shock and disbelief that resulted from Justice Kapindu’s questioning had evidently left Cadet Mbeta so destabilized that his intellectual blindness only got worse. This was evident from what he said as he carried on reporting back to the court the assignment that Justice Kapindu had given him. He told the bench that CCJP, MESN and NICE not only signed at one polling centre but several other centres as well. We wonder if the Cadet Counsel realizes that his statement was an admission of guilt; that he only confirmed and concurred with LMC that there were massive irregularities all over.

Enter Mordecai Msiska for re-examination. Mordecai used the same Tally Sheet that Cadet Mbeta used.

MM: “Dr. Chakwera, did you have monitors at this polling station?”

LMC: “Yes”.

MM: “Is this not the same polling centre where you voted from?”

LMC: “Yes”.

MM: “Do you see any signature of your monitors there?”

LMC: “No”.

MM: “Why did not they sign?”

LMC: “That Tally Sheet is a duplicate and MEC used that to consolidate their results. My monitors were instructed to only sign original Tally Sheets”.

MM: “Did you ever see the Tally Sheet or any of your monitors?”

LMC: “No”.

In a nutshell, Mordecai Msiska was proving that the original Tally Sheets were missing and so there was nowhere for monitors, hence the non-appearance of MCP monitors’ signatures. MEC used duplicates and not originals. It is good that it was APM lawyers that brought up this Tally Sheet and ended up entangling themselves in it. They have been blinded big time.

A Polling Centre in Zomba

Mbeta: “Dr. Chakwera, can you see that these three Tally Sheets do not have MCP monitors’ signatures yet UDF, DPP and UTM signed?”

LMC: “Yes”.

Mbeta here was trying to prove that MCP monitors were never serious and thus never signed Tally Sheets.

Enter Mordecai Msiska during re-examination:

MM: “I will use the same Tally Sheets that Mbeta used. Dr. Chakwera, what can you comment on all the three Tally Sheets?”

LMC: “All the three Tally Sheets from 3 different polling centres were signed by the same persons – on the sheet for UTM, UDF and DPP”.

MM: “You confirm as displayed there that the same person for UTM signed for Tally Sheets from 3 polling centres and same for UDF and DPP?”

LMC: “Yes, and those three are duplicates and not originals”.

MM: “Do you have any idea where the originals are?”

LMC: “No”.

MM: “Why?”

LMC: “Because our monitors, as explained in the sworn affidavit, were refused access to originals in many centres”.

MM: “My Lady and My Lords, I end my re-examination there”.

Councel Mordecai Msiska took only 40 minutes to cross-examine LMC. Cadet Mbeta was supposed to cross-examine LMC for 9 hours but only took 4 hours as he went into a deep state of confusion after his eyes had been opened from his cadetish blindness.

Today, Richard Chapweteka is being cross-examined. He is the one who went to Dubai to check the printing of election papers. He will outline how MEC rigged the elections using fake ballot papers and fake Tally Sheets and deliberately ignored the original Tally Sheets. Stay tuned to the radio because the print media journalists are unlikely to give us any unbiased report since they are busy eating ziphimba from Dr. Bright Molande.

MEC and APM have tried their best to delay the case but guess what? – they cannot deny Malawians our justice.

Light is conquering darkness

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