CHISALE FIRES APM ADC…He is now powerful than Mutharika

Presidential bodyguard Norman Paulos Chisale has fired President Peter Mutharika’s Aide de Camp (ADC) Colonel Gilford Chafikana without the knowledge of the Head of State.

We can reveal that Chisale fired Chafikana following a sex scandal where we first exposed that Colonel Chafikana was bonking one of President Mutharika’s press officers Chikondi Juma. Juma has since been booted out of State house and deployed to government information office in Mzuzu where she is yet to take her un named post.

However, Mutharika insisted that Colonel Chafikana should continue serving in his position until Chisale ringed the changes behind the President’s back.

President Mutharika is said to have asked about the whereabouts of his ADC Chafikana on his recent trip to Russia and Chisale told the President that Malawi Army had recalled him because of the sex scandal.

However, Mutharika was surprised since he specifically ordered that Colonel Chafikana should continue serving him and called Amy Commander General Vincent Nundwe who expressed ignorance of Chafikana’s recall saying as long as they are concerned Chafikana is still with State House and the Army do not control who goes with the President on a foreign trip or local trip but State House.

Chisale replaced Colonel Chafikana with Major Chiyembekezo Chidothe from his home district of Ntcheu.

Mutharika was astonished when he arrived from the Russia Trip that Colonel Chafikana had even vacated his house inside Kamuzu Palace.

“We do not know what Chisale told Mutharika about Chafikana but the President has stopped questioning about the whereabouts of Colonel Chafikana,” said our impeccable source at State House.

Insiders said Chisale has now ‘amassed too much power’ and treats President Mutharika as his puppet.

“Here is a bodyguard who can fire an ADC and gets away with it. Here is a bodyguard who can buy the same type of shoes like the President and boast about it publicly. Here is a bodyguard who can buy the same type of state of the art official vehicle that the President uses as his private vehicle and gets away with it. We do not know what else he shares with the President,” said the source.

Chisale rearranges State House personnel

To show that he is the king maker, Chisale is rearranging personnel at State House. He recently facilitated the removal of State House Chief IT Officer Limbani Magomero and replaced him with Chance Chingwalungwalu, also from his home district of Ntcheu.

Chisale also launched a failed attempt to have Mutharika’s Chief Communication Strategist Dr Bright Molande removed from State House over an alleged K38 million scandal which he was supposed to give to cadets to post good things about Mutharika on social media.

But the attempt failed. Chisale had lined up another homeboy from Ntcheu Bright Malopa to replace Molande.

Just last year, Chisale maneuvered to deploy Mutharika’s economic aide Dr Collins Magalasi from Thyolo to Mera to be Chief Executive Officer and replaced him with another Ntcheu homeboy, Dr Wengawenga as President Mutharika’s economic advisor.

Zammer Karim vehicles to Mutharika

Chisale is also said to have advised Zameer Karim, a businessman who deposited K145 million into President Mutharika’s sole signatory DPP account at Standard Bank, to register the five vehicles he had bought for Mutharika in the President’s name although it was a stupid move to do so.

Karim had just got a whopping K2.9 billion Police food rations contract when he deposited the money into Mutharika’s account and bought the five vehicles and registered them in Mutharika’s name.

“At first Karim wanted to register the vehicles in DPP name but on instructions from Chisale, he registered them in President Mutharika’s name and gave the blue books to Chisale. It is Chisale who ‘leaked’ the blue books to the press,” said the source.

Massive properties

Chisale has amassed some much wealth in the last five years on his K345, 000 monthly salary that he owns massive properties in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mangochi among other places.

Chisale built two mansions, just outside of Sanjika Palace gates in Blantyre. The land where Chisale built the mansion is protected since it’s very close to a state house and would compromise the security of the head of state. But Chisale went ahead and built the houses anyway.

He also built some nine town houses in Kanjedza Project in Blantyre within a record period of two weeks.

Chisale also grabbed land near Police Officers mess in Area 3 in Lilongwe where he built his houses close by.

Chisale also built his popular Zimatha Lodge in Mangochi using some State House tracks and labour.

“Now you can see that Chisale is bigger than the President. He gets away with all these things. Chisale is the one ruling this country through the backdoor,” said the source.

Grooming another puppet

As power continues to corrupt his mind, Chisale and other officials especially President Mutharika’s wife, Gertrude and others from Ntcheu are now currently grooming another puppet in the name of Vice President Everton Chimulirenji.

Chisale and Mrs. Mutharika are providing sensitive information especially about the health of President Mutharika to Chimulirenji.

 Chimulirenji has been told to be ready to ‘govern’ very soon and that he should put his team in order.

Chimulirenji has been meeting different groups of the DPP party including women and youths and district governors to canvass support. All the money for the meetings has been supplied by Chisale and Mrs. Mutharika.

“Chisale knows that everything that I have told you guys is the truth and that is why I do not want to put my name up otherwise I may end up like Issa Njaunju,” said the source about the murder of a senior ACB official who is said to have crossed paths with Norman Paulos Chisale.

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