BREAKING NEWS: Women fight over VP Chimulirenji

Scandal! Two cadet women were on Thursday engaged in a fist fight over Vice President Everton Chimulirenji in Lilongwe.

We can reveal that the women, Mary Kankhombe Banda and Gloria Moyo fought claiming ‘ownership’ of the ‘happily married’ Vice President. Chimulirenji is officially married to Judith.

The fight broke out at Lilongwe Water Board where the two were ‘deployed’ to work after helping Chimulirenji during the campaign period.

“These two were helping Chimulirenji during the campaign and it looks like he was also ‘benefiting’ from their ‘services’ after a grueling campaign days especially in the evenings. When DPP ‘won’ the elections, Chimulirenji arranged for work for these two women at Lilongwe Water Board,” said our impeccable source.

“But lately, Banda and Moyo have been arguing on whom is the most loved by Chimulirenji and the situation got out of hand on Thursday afternoon when Moyo could not take it anymore and slapped Banda. Then a fierce fight broke out and the name of the Vice President was on the women’s’ lips while the fight was in session,” said the source.

An eye witness from Lilongwe Water Board corroborated the story saying workers were surprised to see the two engage in the fight while mentioning the name of Chimulirenji, sometime mentioning his first name ‘Herbert’.

“The two came here because they are cadets and many people avoid mixing with them but we were surprised that they were fighting while mentioning the name of the Vice President. One was saying ‘Herbert loves me more’ while the other one saying ‘A Vice President ndi anga usamadzinamize’. It was an embarrassing scene,” said the witness.

Meanwhile the two women have been suspended from work by Lilongwe Water Board.

Lilongwe Water Board officials confirmed of the suspension of the two insisting ‘it is an internal matter not warranting public comments’.

Vice President Press Officer Charles Wahara refused to comment when contacted on the matter.

“There is no comment on that one boss,” said Wahara before cutting the line when further questions were asked if the Vice President personally know the two women involved in the fight.

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