CHIMULIRENJI KICKS OFF 2024 CAMPAIGN: Gets K100m taxpayers money for ‘urgent activities’…will draw K5.4 billion by 2024

Under instructions from President Peter Mutharika’s wife, Vice President Everton Chimulirenji has kicked off his campaign to be Malawi’s next leader in 2024 by collecting K100 million of tax payers money for ‘urgent activities’.

We can reveal that Mrs. Gertrude Mutharika told Chimulirenji to get the money from tax payers and attend various function to ‘increase visibility’ to the voters.

A leaked letter from Wilson Moleni, Secretary to the Vice President and Commissioner for Disaster Management Affairs dated 6th November 2019, Chimulirenji will use the K100 million in the month of November alone.

“I would like to inform you that His Honour the Vice President will attend a number of public functions this month of November, 2019. In view of this I would like to seek authority to transfer K100,000,000 from the office of the Vice President (Headquarters) from IFMIS to FDH Bank account number 1970000056278 to cater for urgent expenses,” reads the letter in part.

This means that our beloved Vice President will be using K139,000 per hour that is including the time he is sleeping with his lovely wife Judith or K3.5 million per day!

Chimulirenji will have used K5.4 billion of tax payer’s money by the time the country will be going to the polls in May 2024.

Insiders said Mrs. Mutharika and ‘President’ Norman Paulos Chisale are the ones who ordered Chimulirenji to get the tax payers money to boost his visibility ahead of the 2024 polls or any other polls that may be held soon, subject to a Constitutional court elections case ruling.

“This is a strategy that Mrs. Mutharika and Chisale have hatched; they do not need to use their own money when there is ‘free’ money from government. Chimulirenji will be on the road almost every day attending any available functions so that he is ‘known’ to the people especially those in the villages,” said the source close to the plot.

Chimulirenji starts ‘eating’ the K100 million with a function on Friday 15th November 2019 when he presides over the handover ceremony of teaching and learning materials donated by the United Nations Educational Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to schools that were affected by the March 2019 floods at Chikuli LEA School, Mdyanyama Village in traditional Authority Ntchema in Chiradzulu district, according to a statement released by his office.

“You can see that even this function, a District Commissioner or let alone an Administration officer in his office could have done it but the issue is about visibility, they need people in the rural areas in Chiradzulu should see who Chimulirenji is and recognize his face when it is on the ballot paper,” said the source.

“There are many more functions and mostly will be strategic and in rural areas,” he added.

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