Five judges who were sitting in the Constitutional Court in Lilongwe hearing the election case have on Saturday afternoon arrived in Lilongwe from their seclusion place in Nkhata Bay where they were writing the landmark ruling.

The judges arrived in Lilongwe amid Malawi Defence Force (MDF) and police tight security.

At dilapidated Mzuzu airport, a military donnier plane was waiting for them.

They flew from Mzuzu to Lilongwe with the ruling ahead of announcing it on Monday, February 3 2020.

Meanwhile, Lilongwe is gripped with anxiety, apprehension, excitement and fear ahead of the ruling.

On Saturday, main shops like Chipiku and Shoprite saw thousands of people in frenzy shopping as residents are stocking essential necessities including food.

Shop owners have also enhanced the security of their buildings by covering up all glass walls with hard wood or metal.

Both the police and MDF have assured people of enhanced security to protect lives and their property.

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