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APM’s Dodgy Handshake … Chimulirenji fall out favour

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President Peter Mutharika has, once again, incited debate after he gave his Vice Everton Chimulirenji a suspicious handshake – at Kamuzu International Airport – upon arrival from United Kingdom – yesterday.

Mutharika, in an MBC video clip which has gone viral, is seen shaking Chimulirenji’s hand while facing elsewhere – a situation which some say is the beginning of a fall-out between the two.

“It doesn’t happen that way. This is his Vice who was in charge in his absentia, you would expect the President to take his time; greet him nicely and not the way it was done as if the President was rushing somehwere.

If there are issues between them – the President must avoid showing off the same in such a manner” said one commentator.

Our trusted sources say the President has lost trust in his number two based on intelligence reports which suggest that “Chimulirenji is campaigning for the presidency”.

The source claimed that the Veep has gained confidence to aspire for the high office because he has the support of people who matter at statehouse; the first lady and the President’s trusted man Norman Chisale who is the director of security at statehouse.

“The issue here is about a possibility of fresh elections. The President doesn’t seem willing to compete hence the first lady and Chisale are positioning Chimulirenji as a candidate. Chimulirenji himself has no serious ambitions. But who can say NO when such people are pushing for your name?”

To add more meaning to these claims, President Peter Mutharika, addressing party supporters, yesterday at the airport openly shared his frustration that some of his officials were forming camps to succeed him.

He urged them to exercise patience until the party’s convention in 2023.

“The President is not convinced Chimulirenji can be his successor. He has his own eyes elsewhere. The President is looking at someone with a clean record who can boost the party’s chances of winning fresh elections. There is Thom Mpinganjira mentioned as well as Dalitso Kabambe. He is so much in touch with these two. This is why he has reacted angrily against Chimulirenji”

Another source added:

“From that handshake to this statement, you clearly see that Mutharika is some unhappy man. He has talked about camps …and how he publicly interacted with his Vice gives us pointers as to who he is angry with” said one official from the party.

The Mutharika’s have a record of running sour relationships with their Vice presidents. Bingu and Cassim Chilumpha run a bad relationship just like he did with Joyce Banda.

APM and SKC went two ways for no good reason just and it’s Chimulirenji’s turn

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