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Malla Kawale booted out of MCP Bornfree grouping

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Trouble in MCP.Malla Kawale, outspoken wife of now largely unpopular MCP Chief Whip Sam Kawale has been booted out of MCP Bornfree group.

Our sources reveal that the Kawales who unquestionably were MCPs hardest working, biggest spending couple only second to the Mia’s have fallen from grace in a spectatular manner.

Sam Kawale was poised to take over as Sidik Mia runningmate after MCP President Lazarus Chakwera’s two five year consecutive term which ended at the last tripartite elections in May 2019.

According to insiders Sam Kawale would become running mate to Mia who would then be the MCP torch bearer in 2024.

But fate had other plans as Chakwera did not ascend to presidency in 2019.

Worse still for the Kawale-Mia team, Sam Kawale failed miserably to secure the parties nomination for Speakership when MCP opted to support Gotani Hara MP for the prized position.

Sam Kawale was later appointed as MCPs chief whip as a consolation and reward for the millions of kwachas funding sourced through African Bible College where Malla works and E-3 Worldwide run by Sam Kawale with some American wellwishers whose humanitarian funds were diverted towards Chakwera-Mia presidential bid.

“After noting that the discussion on MCPs Born Free forum is turning towards favoring an alliance with Saulos Chilima and UTM party as opposed to maintaing the Chakwera-Mia ticket, Malla lashed out on the forum accussing her ex-friends of being disloyal and unappreciative of everything the Mias and Kawales had done for the ungrateful lot.

“This angered some Bornfree members who were quick to remind the disgruntled Malla that she held no position in MCP and they were not blind to the selfish motives the two were driving. One member reminded Malla that MCP is an instituion it belongs to nobody not even Mia, Kawale or Chakwera,” said a member of the grouping who did not want to be named.

“The group admin then removed Malla from the Bornfree group as she continued insulting and swearing at everyone on the forum,” said the member.

We will be bringing you more as the story unfolds.

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  1. It would be highly uncharacteristic of Malla Kawale to be insulting and swearing at any person. For your story to be credible you must have more substance than quoting unnamed sources.
    I know Sam and Malla Kawale, and have observed first hand their stalwart work projects, that educate and empower their constituents. They are lifting people out of poverty by giving them a hand up, not just hand outs.
    Perhaps the Bornfree group does not deserve to have such servant leadership in its ranks.


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