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BREAKING NEWS:Mia, Mkaka blocking Chilima, Chakwera ticket

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Mia, Mkaka: Blocking Chilima, Chakwera Alliance

Exposed! Beleaguered Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President Sidik Mia and Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka are behind a misinformation campaign to block a possible presidential ticket of UTM President Saulos Chilima and MCP’s Lazarus Chakwera.

We can reveal that Mkaka with financing from Mia are behind propaganda that Chilima is in talks with the ruling DPP to be its presidential candidate in the July fresh presidential elections.

The two feel that any pack made by Chilima and Chakwera will displace Mia who is said to have spent about K1.5 billion on the party during the 2019 elections.

We have on good authority that Mia realised the money after selling part of his cattle stock to businessman Faisal Aboo.

Any partnership between Chakwera and Chilima will mean that Mia will be left in the cold and it will be ‘hard to recover his money he spent on the party’.

“Mkaka is the one running the show and get funding from Mia and they have recruited alot of party supporters to be posting stories on social media about Chilima and DPP working together so that MCP should go it alone and Mia will still be runningmate,” said a source within MCP who is also in one of the working groups for the Chilima, Chakwera ticket.

Insiders also said Mia through his aggressive wife Abida has managed to bribe a few reporters at Times Group to carry the narrative that Chilima is in camp with the DPP.

“It is frustrating that we made progress in making sure that Chilima runs together with Chakwera because this is the ticket that can redeem Malawians but some peope like Mkaka are bent on destroying that because of greed,” said a member of the committee from the MCP side.

Another high ranking official from the MCP who is close to Chakwera said ‘genuine’ MCP supporters should be wary of reports of Chilima working with DPP as this is meant ‘to destroy MCP in the end’.

“You see if our president Lazarus Chakwera fails to make it during these fresh polls it means that he retires as per our MCP constitution which allows him to hold two five year consecutive terms. Then the presidency will go to Sidik Mia and we would have sold the party for money.”

“So any loss for MCP is good news for Sidik Mia and company and that is why they are pushing Chilima away,” said the MCP political guru.

“The way things are now, as MCP or even UTM, we cannot afford to stand on our own and achieve the 50 plus one majority as ruled by the Constitutional Court. We need to work together.”

“If on the other hand Chilima indeed cuts a deal with DPP and he becomes their presidential candidate, then it will be easier for them to get the 50 plus one majority and as MCP we cannot do that on our own, the recent elections showed us that.”

“So we need to be careful because Mia maybe doing this so that when Chakwera loses the July elections, he takes over the party. So MCP genuine supporters should be aware of this evil plan,” he said.

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