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RBM Governor Kabambe joins frontline politics, castigates DPP supporters, SKC

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Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) Governor Dalitso Kabambe has bashed some DPP supporters for bringing confusion in the party on succession wrangles instead of promoting the candidature of incumbent President Peter Mutharika.

Writing on a DPP Strategists forum, Kabambe wondered why there is talk of another candidate when there is APM already.

“We already have a candidate APM so what is this talk about another candidate taking over?” Wrote Kabambe.

He also bashed Vice President Saulos Chilima saying he has castigated ‘everything blue’.

“I hear people rooting for SKC but my question is simple.People fought the very guy when he was one of us. So what has changed today? SKC has castigated everything blue so how does he reconcile himself with the blue Army and his supporters who believe DPP is evil?” Asked Kabambe, a well know relation of President Mutharika.

“There is a dangerous vote called protest vote,” noted Kabambe.

“But the truth breaks no friendship is if we carry another lomwe who is not APM into the next election, the backlash will be huge. DPP it’s time to be a national organization which can accept other tribes to lead it if they are capable. I wish the SG (Secretary General Greizelder Jeffrey) would summon courage and bring DPP structure to order,” said Kabambe.

He noted that DPP membership is coming out to speak their mind with openness.

“This should bring our leadership to the path of walking with the team again. My worry is the vetting should be managed as to protect the image of the party,” said Kabambe.

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