Chimwemwe Chipungu being sworn in

The recent cabinet appointed by President Peter Mutharika consist of more ministers coming from Thyolo than any other district in the country.

An analysis of the cabinet reveals that Mutharika has trusted his kinsfolk than any other district.

There are five cabinet ministers from Thyolo against only two from the central region.

Ben Phiri being sworn in

The ‘Thyolo cabinet’ compromise of Mutharika himself, Ben Phiri, Charles Mchacha, Mary Navicha and Chimwemwe Chipungu. One President, three full cabinet ministers and one deputy minister.

“For those who did not know the meaning of nepotism, they do not need to look any further, this is what nepotism looks like,” said a political analyst.

The 32 member cabinet has more than 25 ministers from the southern region and the rest of the regions share the remender of the posts.

Malawians have been complaining of nepotism by the DPP government and it seems this situation is likely going to stay longer.

Navicha being sworn in

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