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APM Hires RSA Based Propaganda Team

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President Peter Mutharika has once again taken US$200 million of Malawi’s hard-earned tax and given it to 20 South African specialists (names withheld) that include journalists, researchers, legal practitioners and social media influencers to launch a scathing attack on Malawi’s judiciary to overturn the February 3, 2020 Constitutional Court ruling.

“If possible, let us please push the issue into mainstream as well. The judgement by the Supreme Court can reverse the ConCourt judgement, meaning that there is no re–run, so it is a major event,” reads one of the plans on the group’s WhatsApp chat group that we have seen.

And indeed come April 12, 2020 a South African news website carried an article that referred to the annulled elections as a judicial coup d’tat, which was authored by one of the paid members of Mutharika’s South African team Pusch Commey.

Commey is a Johannesburg based Barrister of the High Court of South Africa, and is also an award-winning writer and associate editor of New African Magazine since 1999.

He is also the CEO of the South African based Real African Publishers, and the founder of the Real African Writers series.

The team was set up by State House Director of Communications Bright Molande who was in South Africa a few days before the COVID-19 lockdown.

Locally, the South African team is working with another Malawian team (names withheld) which is being coordinated by the Director of Information at the Ministry of Information and Civic Education, Mzati Mkolokosa.

Peter Mutharika and the DPP are using all the tricks in the book to ensure that they remain in power by hook or crook.

The DPP is at the moment registering underaged children who will be used in the fresh presidential elections.

Although the kids will NOT vote, DPP will use the machinery that will pre vote in stuffed boxes for them ready for exchange with those votes on payment of K20 million to a presiding officer as the votes transition to district tally centre.

Some of the online publications have unknowingly been publishing stories from the group which is also to cause confusion in the UTM MCP coalition which is the main threat to the DPP.

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