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UTM Party Ward Councillor for Ndirande a Mr. Baraba has apologized to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kondwani Nankhumwa, for “falsely accusing him” that he is the one sponsoring some DPP cadets to demonize Presidential aide Norman Chisale.

Baraba has issued the apology after a clip went viral on social media platforms in which he is accusing Nankhumwa of involvement in the Chisale debacle. Over the past few days, some DPP cadets led by Mike Chitenje, also known as Bangwe 1, have vented their anger over Chisale on a range of grievances.

Clips in which they have expressed their rage have been circulating on social media. Baraba joined the issue claiming that they know that it is Nankhumwa who is sponsoring the cadets to fight Chisale.

“My message to Nankhumwa is that he should leave the fight and join UTM; we need his services here. He is wasting time fighting a losing battle in DPP,” he said. But, haunted by guilt for the lies he has been spreading, the UTM Councillor on Monday produced another three- minute clip in which he apologizes to Nankhumwa.

In the clip, the contrite … admits that his implication of Nankhumwa was not based on truth. He also acknowledges that Nankhumwa never holds a grudge against anybody, a suggestion that he hopes that Nankhumwa will not take vengeance on him for smearing his name in the Chisale saga.

“Hon Nankhumwa is a good man; he doesn’t hold grudge against anybody as manifested in his statements… l want to apologize for falsely accusing him of sponsoring division in DPP and fighting Chisale,” he apologized. He also appealed to Bangwe 1 and the other cadets who are fighting Chisale to stop their action in order to ensure the dignity of the presidency where Chisale works.

It is not known how Nankhumwa has taken the attack by the councillor and now the apology for wrongly accusing him.

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