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DPP plans to burn UTM vehicles in Lhomwe belt

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DPP thugs:

Outgoing ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leaders have given instructions to its cadets to burn any UTM vehicle in the Lhomwe belt.

UTM and other parties have sent roving monitors to oversee registration process currently underway in the region.

We can reveal that cabinet ministers Ben Phiri and Charles Mchacha and another DPP member a Mlotha gave the orders last week.

“We were given strict instructions that any vehicle carrying UTM people should not be welcomed in the Lhomwe belt, it should be burnt,” said one cadet who is working undercover for opposition in the DPP.

He said DPP does not want UTM and other parties to monitor what it is doing during registration process.

DPP has connived with the National Registration Bureau and the Malawi Electoral Commission to register under-aged children with an aim of manipulating the figures during voting.

UTM Secretary General Patricia Kaliati said they are aware of the plan by DPP to torch their vehicles but they are not intimidated.

“We are not easily intimidated we are going there to monitor the registration process in the Lhomwe belt. This is our country and and noone can intimidate us,” said Kaliati.

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