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Cabinet opts for violence during campaign: Atupele endorses idea

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Victim of DPP’s bloodshed

The Malawi Cabinet has resolved to use violence in the upcoming campaign for the fresh presidential elections scheduled for 2nd July 2020.

We can reveal that this was agreed on Thursday in a meeting chaired by Minister of Finance Joseph Mwanamvekha who further promised to use money from parastatals to finance the activities of cabinet ministers who have been told to be in the field to campaign.

Ironically, UDF President Atupele Muluzi who is also Minister of Energy and prides himself as a ‘true democrat’ attended the meeting and endorsed the proposals.

“They also resolved to register many young people by making sure they get all kits from NRB and position them in DPP/UDF strong holds,” said a source privy to the meeting.

Mwanamvekha confirmed to have chaired the meeting but declined to divulge what was discussed at the meeting.

“I cannot say what we discussed,” he said before cutting off the line.

Atupele Muluzi hanged the phone when the issue was introduced to him for his comment.

And Friday the DPP put the plan in motion by chasing UTM monitors at Chibanthe primary school in Mulanje South constituency.

“I’m so freaked out right now… a pickup full of DPP cadets just came and called all monitors for UTM and started beating them up chasing them saying they should go to the north where they belong. They used iron bars and machete to beat up people. One woman is badly injured,” said one eye witness.

He said Police were called by the time they were arriving the DPP thugs had fled the scene.

There are no security officers in registration centres.

The registration centre had to be briefly closed because of the incident but was later opened.

A similar incident happened at Misanjo primary school in Mulanje South.

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