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As the leadership wrangle continues in the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Party’s Southern Region Committee on Monday rejected the hand-picking of Joseph Mwanamvekha as Vice President for the region.

Mwanamvekha: Rejected

Party’s President Peter Mutharika, who is also the former President for the country, handpicked Mwanamvekha to replace man of the People Kondwani Nankhumwa as Southern Region Vice President, a developed that angered DPP supporters from the region.

Speaking on Monday, during a meeting which was chaired by DPP’s Regional Governor for the South, Charles Mchacha at Party’s headquarters in Blantyre, senior party officials stood firm against the ‘hand-picking’ of Mwanamveka describing it as a day light rape to Party’s constitution.

Several speakers at the meeting mostly district governors and governess openly told Mchacha off on Mwanamveka.

“Kondwani Nankhumwa was voted as DPP vice President for the Southern Region during convention and he was given a five years mandate….why replacing him before the end of his tenure?” questions one of the fearless district governess Loveness Mwachande.

She added: “Only delegates at the convention have the powers to vote for vice president for any region…don’t just wake up and endorse or appoint someone as our leader we will not tolerant that nonsense as the region” Addressing a rally over the week-end, Nankhumwa, who is also leader of opposition in Parliament, called upon DPP supporters to unite in re-building the party ahead of next general elections.

“I want to ask all members of DPP to be united, let us stop the tendencies of gossip and lying to our leaders or else we will not finish what we started to revamp the party. The party is strong at the grassroots but up there we have two or three people, not even 10 who want to destroy the party. Let us pray to remove this legion of gossiping among us,” he said said.

Nankhumwa to thousands of people at Bangwe-Desert ground in Blantyre on Sunday.

The rally dubbed as ‘Ndili ndi Mawa’ was attended by Party’s Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey , DPP members of Parliament and other top officials from the region.

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