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MWANAMVEKHA DEFIES COURT ORDER: Fires Mchacha, Replaces Him With James Chuma

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MWANAMVEKHA: Has fired the entire committee

The centre cannot hold. There is confusion in the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)where a mere Executive Member Joseph Mwanamvekha has ordered the firing of Party’s Regional Governor for the Southern Region Charles Mchacha and the entire regional committee.

The out-spoken Mchacha and the entire committee are being accused of supporting Kondwani Nankumwa, who is Party’s Vice President for the south and Leader of Opposition in Parliament. The courts issued an injunction against the firing of Nankhumwa and others after the party fired them, allegedly for indiscipline.

According to sources within Mwanamvekha Camp, Mchacha has been replaced by James Chuma who is a businessperson and close ally of Mwanamvekha and also an executive member for the former governing party.

The old guard, Mwanamvekha who was recently appointed by Mutharika to replace Nankhumwa as VP South also ordered the firing of Yona Mlotha as DPP’s Director for the Youth and his replacement will be made soon thus according to inside sources.

The firing of Mchacha and Mlotha is in sharp contrast of the court injunction restraining the Party from firing some of its members who were duly elected during convention.

The court also restrained the party from making decisions on behalf of the party an order which he has openly been defied.

DPP is synonymous with disrespecting court orders even when it was a ruling party. Contempt of court proceedings are likely to follow and insiders in the Judiciary said it is high time some politicians are jailed for disrespecting court orders to serve as a warning to the citizens on the need to obey court orders.

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