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Meet Malawi’s ‘Bill Gates’ Mkaka: Expands business empire with Multi-million brand new tippers

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MKAKA: In Tipper-gate

Malawi has bred its own new multi-billionaire in eight months! He is MCP strongman and cabinet minister Eisenhower Mkaka!

The Secretary General of the ruling Malawi Congress Party, has once again been involved in dubious deals as he has bought new caterpillars tippers and houses in low density of Lilongwe, area 43.

Mkaka who is popular known as ‘Prime Minister’ is already in involved in numerous scandals like of NOCMA where he is acting as ‘Chief Executive Officer’ who is at the heart of giving fuel tenders to Foreign Companies, ‘Amwenye’ and his 2025 political bedfellows like Enock Chihana of AFORD.

Sparingly, Mr ‘Bill Gates’ has registered his new business enterprises in his cousin name to cheat Malawians that the empire does not belong to him.

Malawi government is in financial crisis at the moment that it can not buy top of the class COVID-19 vaccine but somehow Mkaka has enough money to buy houses in cash in one of the most expensive areas in Lilongwe, the area 43. Only Mr Bill Gates can and our own Mkaka is doing it.

Malawi government is under heavy pressure from donors and Malawians to account for 6.2 billion and 17.5 billion respectively that it has received from international community and Reserve Bank of Malawi.

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