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By Emmanuel Mwandama, a Contributor

Dossi poses with the beneficiaries

UTM Member of Parliament for Chikwawa West, Susan Dossi has rewarded 30 students that have been selected to various national secondary schools from her constituency with a start-up package to support them as they start their secondary school life.

The start-up package includes luggage bags, school bags, writing materials, clothes, shoes and pocket money.

The items were handed over to the students at an event patronized by various people in the constituency including the children’s parents, chiefs and village headmen who felt a sense of relief as most of them could not afford to give the children the items.

Speaking at the ceremony in Chikwawa on Saturday Dossi said she is glad that there are hard-working students whose achievements are making the constituency stand out in sending students to both national and district secondary schools.

 “I will continue to reward these students and I see potential in them. I am sure next time I will be rewarding them when they are going to university,” said Dossi.

Dossi speaking at the event

 “I have encouraged them, especially the girls to work hard in secondary school and come out with good grades each year so that they can go to university and help to develop this constituency,” added Dossi.

A representative of the parents of the children Janet Phiri hailed the parliamentarian for the gesture adding that the children have been motivated.

“Our children are motivated, thank you Hon Dossi, we will continue to pray for you so that you can continue to do the work you are doing here in Chikwawa West. Some of us are facing financial challenges and it was going to be difficult for us to buy these things for our children,” said Phiri.

Dossi hands over the items to a beneficiary
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