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MWENYE KIDNAPPING SAGA: Mustak Chotia implicates Mr Dipak Jevant of Sealand Investments

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Mr Mustak Chotia, the mafia who masterminded the kidnapping of Shayona Cement Managing Director has implicated Mr Dipak Jevant, Managing Director of Sealand Investments Limited as the one bankrolled the whole project.

The  Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of Malawi Police and National Intelligence Services have tracked down two suspects in the kidnap saga  who were  demanding huge amounts of money to release Mr Rajesh Patel—some kind of a ransom. 

Sources at police headquarters said apart from Mr Chotia, Mr Jevant is also being implicated by the suspects that Shayona Cement boss  abduction was his handiwork.

“We already summoned Mr. Chotial and we will soon interrogate Mr Dipak Jevant,” said a top CID cop. “The key suspect would be secured soon.”

Dipak is reported to have been facilitating the delivery of ransom following Shayona boss’s abduction.

The whole jigsaw puzzle was being masterminded by Chotia a trader and property developer in Lilongwe with financial support from Dipak.

Sources say both Chotia and Dipak have been working closely with some law enforcement officers to bring in Congolese, Somalians and Mozambicans nationals who have been targeting over twenty prosperous business men and families.

Chotia through his Mozambican, Congolese and Somalians kidnapping rough necks have been calling members of the Asian business community threatening them that they shall be kidnapped because all their movements and their locations plus vehicles are known.

In the meantime, some members of the Shayona Cement family are still stuck in Asia for fear of threats and kidnapping attempts.

Police reassurers that they are on top of the game in tracing everything in the criminal gang.

It is our hope that their investigations will lead to something tangible—we need be safe and secure in this country; no one invests in countries that abducts business leaders.

That is why police must get to the root of what happened to Patel.

 Mr. Patel was kidnapped on Friday February 26 in Lilongwe a development which sent shock waves to Malawi amid security lapse where crime is on the rise.

According to information made available to MNN, Rajesh was kidnapped by an unknown assailants who were using a Toyota Carina. The incident happened between Capital Printing and Chipiku stores in Area 4.


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