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The Leany’s or Msowoya’s relaxing at the tax payer funded Chikoko Bay in Mangochi

President Lazarus Chakwera is not ashamed of nepotism by appointing his second born daughter, Violet Lille Chakwera to be a diplomat in Brussels, Belgium because he is trying to get rid of her from Malawi due to her marital issues, we can exclusively reveal.

Violet Chakwera is now Mrs. Violet Leany, yes, you heard us right, Mrs. Violet Leany not Mrs. Violet Mwasinga as she has always been known until a few days after her father ascended to the presidency in June 2020.

Now it has been established that Violet terminated her marriage with Ron Mwasinga and quickly got married to a self-acclaimed ‘Man of God,’ Pastor Jordan Leany, a Malawian with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) roots who was running a church in London, the United Kingdom.

Now it’s not like the name Pastor Jordan Leany is his real name. Modern day Pastors! His real name, we have established is Nelson Kalamba Msowoya.

Well, we also stumbled upon some information that Pastor Jordan Leany, oops, Nelson Kalamba Msowoya, whatever you want to call him, attempted to sit for Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) at Liwaladzi Private Secondary School in Nkhotakota but miserably failed! “Anagwa nawo a Form Form”!

We can also confirm that Leany, well, Msowoya trekked to the United Kingdom where he stays with his dad and started a ‘church’ and does not have any other job apart from the ‘Facebook Church.’

A family member, speaking on strict condition of anonymity, said Chakwera was fond of Mwasinga who was running his errands even before he became President, but was deeply disappointed when Violet ended her marriage with Ron (Mwasinga) on a ‘godly’ advice from the self-acclaimed Pastor Leany.

Violet and Pastor Jordan Leany or Nelson Kalamba Msowoya during their wedding which President Chakwera shunned

“What happened was that Violet met this Pastor Leany (Nelson Kalamba Msowoya) on one of her trips to the UK and he advised her that her husband (Ron Mwasinga) was going to destroy her father’s Presidency because he was possessed with ‘evil spirits’ (Dziwanda) and that she should leave him immediately saying ‘God’ had shown him the signs.”

“Violet indeed ended her marriage with Ron without any valid reasons and this broke President Chakwera’s heart because out of all his son’s in-laws it was Ron who he was fond of. President Chakwera sponsored Ron Mwasinga’s trip to Canada to start a new life, that is how he valued Ron,” said the family member.

Church poster says it all…Mama Violet Leany

Before long and as expected of self-acclaimed Men of God, Pastor Leany had another vision for Violet Chakwera.

“This Pastor now told Violet that God had shown him a vision that she should be the Pastor’s wife! And Violet agreed to marry Pastor Leany,” said the family member.

Pastor Leany, who was running the Christian Brethren Centre under the Jordan Leany Ministries in the UK then moved to Malawi to get married to Violet.

President Chakwera and the First lady Madame Monica Chakwera shunned the wedding but Violet went ahead with the wedding to her Man of God new husband.

Meanwhile Pastor Leany moved in with five of his kids from his previous marriages and settled with Violet with her four children from her previous marriage with Ron Mwasinga. They now live comfortably at one of the houses in B2 section at Kamuzu Palace State Residence, where the President’s grown children and close relatives are accommodated.

“Now the President’s decision to appoint Violet to the embassy is in some way to get rid of her and the ‘large’ family she has created in just under six months. It is a household of 9 children and the President with advice from some of his advisers decided to appoint her as a diplomat in Brussels so that she should not bring disrepute to the presidency when these issues start coming out,” said the family member.

“But we also do not know the intentions of this Pastor Jordan (Nelson Kalamba Msowoya) because clearly he has some intentions if you look at the speed of how things have happened and how he quickly relocated to Malawi when he married Violet even when it was clear that Violet’s family did not approve of the marriage,” added the family member.

Pastor Jordan Leany has also convinced Violet to be part and parcel of his ministries and she even appears on posters of the Jordan Leany Ministries as ‘Mama Violet Leany.’ (See the picture)

Malawians are livid with anger after it was announced that Chakwera had appointed his daughter as a diplomat and the State House communications team even defended her appointment saying she is ‘qualified for the job.’

“The president has so far appointed over 2,000 people since he came to power and you are complaining about only one person just because she is the president’s daughter? We at State House found that to be wanting. 

“Like, seriously she cannot get a job because she is the president’s daughter? Is that a crime? She is qualified,” President Chakwera’s said 

We have, however, discovered that Violet’s highest qualification is a certificate in International Air Transport Association (IATA). 

Violet used to be an outbound ticket Sales Agent for Kenya Airways and before that she used to work for Air Malawi as a ticket sales assistant.

She completed her secondary school education at Mchinji Secondary School where she obtained her Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) but she never proceeded to a college or university.

Pastor Leany (right) has also travelled with President Chakwera to Education summit in London
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