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KAINJA: Under fire over rampant nepotism in Malawi Police Services

The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has given Inspector General (IG) of the Malawi Police Service, Dr. George Kainja, seven days to dispute and dismiss allegations of nepotism the service.

In a letter addressed to Kainja dated 6 October 6, 2021, CDEDI executive director Sylvester Namiwa claims to have evidence that Kainja is entrenching nepotism at the service.

Namiwa alleges that even before he was confirmed as IG by Parliament, Kainja transferred all the senior officers, whose districts of origin are from the Southern Region and posted them to areas not befitting their ranks.

“CDEDI has further established that the IG sits on the interviewing panel for the PSC [Police Service Commission], for the recruitment of officers into the Police High Command, and that the IG makes recommendations to the commission, to base their decisions on. This is contrary to your assertions during the meeting that you are not involved in the promotion of senior officers into the Police High Command,” reads the letter.

“The reports about nepotism in the MPS, therefore, are correct, given the current set up of the Police High Command, whose recruitment you are responsible for. You may wish to recall that the Tonse Alliance Government was Ushered into government, with a promise Of correcting the wrongs of the immediate past administration. Now, if you compare the current list of the Police High Command, with the previous one, which one seems to be a semblance to doing things correctly in as far as nepotism is concerned?” asks Namiwa.

The CDEDI fears that the service is becoming “politically inclined, which is dangerous to the country’s democracy and national unity.”

“We have evidence that there are capable and qualified officers from the Southern Region districts, who can equally be recruited into the Police High Command, contrary to your claims during the meeting, that there are none.CDEDI is therefore, giving you seven (7) days to either prove us wrong on the above stated facts, or consider apologizing to Malawians for misleading the Police Service Commission, to approve promotions of officers into the Police High Command, while disregarding the traditional, cultural and geographical diversity of such officers,” he demands.

NAMIWA: CDEDI has further established that the IG sits on the interviewing panel for the PSC

Meanwhile, CDEDI has established that there is no officer from the Southern Region districts in the current Police High Command. The following is the list CDEDI has in its possession:

  1. The Inspector General Of Police: Dr. George Kainja, from Ntchisi;
  2. The Deputy Inspector General of Police — Operations: Demster
  3. Chigwenembe, from Ntcheu;
  4. The Deputy Inspector General Of Police Administration: Merlyne Yolamu, from Mchinji;
  5. Commissioner for Central East Region: Arlene Baluwa, from Lilongwe;
  6. Commissioner for Research and Planning: Sekani Tembo, from Mzimba;
  7. Commissioner for Human Resource Management: Stain Kaliza, from Ntcheu;
  8. Commissioner for South West Region: Ellobiam Banda, from Kasungu;
  9. Commissioner for Central West: Peter Chasweka, from Mchinji;
  10. Commissioner for South East: Chikondi Chingadza, from Dedza;
  11. Commissioner for Eastern Region: Happy Mkandawire, from Mzimba;
  12. Commissioner North: Richard Luhanga, from Rumphi;
  13. Director of Finance: Lenford Kamphika, from Lilongwe.

CDEDI has also managed to source a list of the Police High Command, from the previous administration, and it was as follows:

  1. The Inspector General of Police: Rodney Jose, from Zomba;
  2. The Deputy Inspector General — Operations: John Nyondo, from Karonga;
  3. The Deputy Inspector General — Administration: Duncan Mwapatsa, from Chiradzulu;
  4. The Commissioner for Research and Planning: Dr. George Kainja, from Ntchisi;
  5. Commissioner South: Silage Yusuf, from Zomba;
  6. Zomba College Commandant: Demster Chigwenembe, from Ntcheu;
  7. Director of Community Policing: Merlyne Yolamu, from Mchinji;
  8. Commissioner for Eastern Region: Arlene Baluwa, from Lilongwe;
  9. Commissioner for Central Region: Innocent Botomani, from Mulanje;
  10. Commissioner North: Huldin Mlotha, from Mzimba;
  11. Commissioner for Human Resource: Joseph Chambaluka, from Balaka;
  12. Director of Finance: Tiadius Samveka from Dowa.

Meanwhile, authorities at the National Police Headquarters have confirmed receipt of the letter.

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