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Malawians loved Martha Chizumwa but love is waning…As she defies Chakwera’s order on social media friends interaction

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CHIZUMA: In hot soup

By Falles Kamanga
The embattled Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) boss Martha Chizuma seems not taking lessons on mistakes she makes while executing duties.

Following leaked audio in which in which she was gossiping with someone called Orama Namalomba, Martha propelled assorted accusations against some public officers.

The leaked audio went round to the public in a leaked manner. This angered President Lazarus Chakwera who nearly fired her. But she was warned to cut ties with her social media friends including Onjezani Kenani, Joshua Chisa Mbele, Idris Nassah and others.

Despite the warning, Chizuma is still talking to the social media friends on her office duties which is contravening authorities’ order.

Just last night, Chizuma’s social media friends have been all over alleging that the ACB boss will be arrested for the said leaked audio.

The news is all over while formidable news outlets are silent on the matter while Kenani, Mbele are busy fabricating the issue for public attention.

Mbele despite charged on the same crime of false fabrications, he is lying to the nation Chakwera Tonse government wants to arrest her for sitting on a long list that has powerful individuals who collected money from Asian businessman.

This is total lied. Martha can’t be arrested but instead will be sued for accusing a judge who presided over Ashok Nair application for judicial review case in the leaked audio.
In the audio, Martha said she lost the case because the judge had received bribes to decide the case in favour of the suspect.

Now, it is alleged that the said judge, whose reputation was obviously injured by such allegations, has sued (or is suing) Martha to substantiate her allegations.

Surprisingly, Martha’s social media team, which thinks Martha should informally allege against people with impunity, are of the view that this is a move to arrest her.

Kenani and Mbele are convincing the nation that Martha is not liable to civil accountability for her civil wrongs. But they can’t say under which law(s).

What this shows, clearly, is that Martha did not take her lesson. It reasonably appears she is still talking to his social media team of which spirits are more of a mob in character, perhaps advocating for public sympathy towards her. The gyre is widening.

Martha who is currently at mercy of the president to be fired for compromising her work is still conniving with social media friends.

Malawians loved Martha but now the love is waning. The trust is gone completely.

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