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Chakwera Delegates Chilima to USA with 41 Strong Entourage…As Chakwera’s Scotland Trip had 138 Delegates

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President Lazarus Chakwera has delegated Vice President Saulos Chilima to represent him at the 2022 United Nations Economic and Social Council Forum later this month.

President Chakwera directed the Office of the President and cabinet (OPC) that Chilima should be accompanied by 41 people including the Minister of Finance Sosten Gwengwe and other technocrats from the civil service.

Insiders said Chakwera gave ‘strict’ instructions that the Vice president entourage should not be more than 45 people and should not include hand clappers or political party activists.

“We followed strict instructions from the President himself and he made it clear that he will need to scrutinize the list of those traveling because he did not want any political party hand clappers and loyalists because this was a high level event requiring seriousness and technical expertise of those going to attend this event,” said a source at OPC.

The source further said President Chakwera has since approved the list of those traveling with Chilima for further traveling processes to start.

“In fact we are wondering why people are making an issue out of this trip because if the president traveled, the delegation could have been more than this and that is why he delegated his Vice because he knows the entourage will not be as huge as if he were to travel,” said the source.

Insiders at Capital Hill gave an example of President Chakwera’s foreign trip to Scotland in October last year when the President took with him a whopping 145 delegates to the CoP 26 conference including his security detail and that of the First Lady Monica Chakwera..

Our source shared with us the list of those who escorted President Chakwera to Scotland last year,

Below is list that accompanied Chakwera during the Scotland trip

1. H.E. Mr. Lazarus McCarthy Dr Chakwera Head of State Government

2.H.E. Ms. Nancy Gladys Tembo Cabinet Minister Government Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources

3. Ms. Yanira Mseka Ntupanyama Principal Secretary for Forestry and Natural Resources
Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources Government of Malawi

4. H.E. Ms. Monica Chakwera First Lady Government

5. Ms. Tawonga Grace Mbale Director Environmental Affairs Department, Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Government of Malawi

6. Mr. Evans Davie Njewa Chief Environmental Officer and UNFCCC Focal Point Government of Malawi

7. Mr. Wilson Toninga Banda Government

8. Mr. Sipho Billiat Development Planning Manager Government National Planning Commission

9. H.E. Mr. Thomas John Bisika High Commissioner Designate Malawi High Commission in London

10. Mr. Bernard Patrick Bwanaope Defence Attache Malawi High Commission in London

11.Ms. Chikondi Precious Chabvuta Regional Advocacy Manager Government Government of Malawi

12. Ms. Violet Rebecca Chakwera Government
13. Ms. Lindiwe Christina Chide Government

14. Ms. Correta Catherine Chidzero Government

15.Mr. Harvey Maneno Chigumula Chief of Protocol Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government

16. Mr. Zangazanga Deverias Chikhosi Secretary to the President and Cabinet Government

17. Mr. Rex Richard Chikoko Government

18. Ms. Mervis Jaqualine Chilakata OPC Government

19. Mr. Werani Mannasseh Chilenga Member of Parliament National Assembly Government of Malawi

20.Mr. Clement Zephnat Chilima Director of Forestry Government Department of Forestry, Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining

21. Ms. Rebecca Chinjeka Journalist Times Group Government of Malawi

22. Mr. Vitumbiko Chinoko Regional Advocacy Advisor

23. Mr. Sosten Staphiel Chiotha Regional Director Academia Government

24. Mr. Gladson Chipumphula Government

25. Ms. Renata Chivundu First Secretary

26. Mr. Peter Chulu Government

28. Ms. Linda Dembo Programmes Coordinator MaSP Government

29. Mr. Jekapu Dishani Programmes Manager Youth for Environment and Sustainable Development Government

30. Mr. Conor Fox

31. Mr. Chad Jonathon Frischmann Senior Director, Research and Technology

32. Ms. Stella Funsani Gama Forestry Advisor Department of Forestry, Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining

33. Mr. Billy Lickson Gama General Secretary Blantyre CCAP Government

34. Mr. Willard Mswati Gomani Government

35. Mr. Golivati Maloni Gomani Environmental Inspector Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources Government

36. Mr. Dennis Gondwe Parliament

37. Ms. Alice Janet Gwedeza Deputy Surveyor General Government Department of Surveys

38. Ms. Grace Hiwa Government

39. Mr. Yamikani Idrissah Environmental Officer Government of Malawi

40. Mr. Godfrey Arthur Jalale Government

41. Ms. Miriam Dalitso Joshua Senior Lecturer and Researcher University of Malawi

42. Mr. Francis Gavin Kachule Assistant Director Ministry of Finance

43. Ms. Mtisunge Lisa Kadango Government

44.H.E. Ms. Quent Madalo Kalichero Deputy High Commissioner, London Malawi High Commission in London

45. Mr. Joseph Osber Kalowekamo Deputy Director Government Department of Energy

46. Ms. Rabecca Kamwendo Kalyolyo Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government

47. Ms. Gertrude Kambauwa Director Department of Land Resources and Conservation

48. Mr. Teddie Hafiz Abudullar Kamoto Deputy Director Ministry oof Forestry and Natural Resources Government

49.Ms. Judith Francesca Kamoto Senior Lecturer Academia Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources

50. Mr. Kefasi Jermiah Kamoyo Land Resources Conservation Officer Department of Land Resources Conservation Ministry of Agriculture, Water Development and Irrigation

51. Mr. Sean Tsanzo Kampondeni Government

52. Mr. Hamilton Kamwana Deputy Director Ministry of Economic Planning, Development and Public Sector Reforms Government

53. Ms. Conslater Kantunda Government

54. Mr. Prince Harvey Kapondamgaga Chief of State Residences Government

55. Mr. Bickiel Jnr Kapuchi Government

56. Mr. Anthony Rodgers Kasunda Government

57. Ms. Dorothy Paliani Kazombo Mwale Youth Network Leader NYNCC Government

58. Ms. Chinsinsi Kazuwa Project Officer MaSP

59. Mr. Franklyn Titani Khoza Fijian Government

60. Mr. Chikumbutso Kilembe Vulnerability Adviser Government

61. Ms. Siphiwe Salaama Komwa Parliamentary Committee Clerk National Assembly Government

62. Ms. Margaret Brenda Kunje

63. Mr. Madalitso Kwaderanji Kazombo First Deputy Speaker Malawi Parliament Government

64. Ms. Martha Taziona Kwataine Government

65. Ms. Maggie Kwatiwani Government

66. H.E. Mr. Perks Master Clemency Ligoya Ambassador Government

67. Ms. Tapiwa Machinjiri CADECOM Mangochi Diocese

68.Ms. Nyovani Janet Madise Director of Development Policy African Institute for Development Policy Government

69. Ms. Ruth Maganga CISONECC

70. Mr. Sam Samuel Majamanda Government

71. H.E. Ms. Agnes Ridley Makonda Minister Government

72. Mr. Potiphar Malapa Government

73. Mr. Mathews Malata President Editorial Government of Malawi

74. Mr. Andrew Jacob Mazulu Principal Information Officer Ministry of Information Government

75. Mr. Masauko Lyson Mbolembole Synod Moderator Blantyre CCAP Government

76. Mr. Hendricks Shyalulole Mgodie Human Health and Climate Change Focal Point Ministry of Health & Population Government of Malawi

77. Mr. Victor Mhango Protocol Officer Malawi Parliament Government

78. Mr. Chomora Mikeka Government

79. Mr. Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka Cabinet Minister Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government

80. Ms. Ethel Leticia Mkandawire Climate Change Advocate for Women & Youths Government

81. Mr. Abels Wannie Mkandawire Acting Director for Europe Directorate Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fijian Government

82. Mr. Charles Mkoka Secretary General Association of Environmental Journalists Government

83. Mr. Abel Kenneth Mkulama Youth delegate Government of Malawi

84. Mr. Mayamiko Wezzulo Mlenga Government

85. Mr. Amon Kesten Mluwira Acting Chief Executive Officer Greenbelt Authority Government

86. Mr. Barrow Hadson Mnyantha Government

87. Ms. Linda Lonjezo Moyo Government

88. Ms. Paida Diana Mpaso Government

89.Mr. Hamid Mponda Malawi WHO Office Government

90. Mr. Aaron Kandiwo Mtaya CADECOM National Officer

91. Mr. Chikumbutso Batison Mtumodzi Director of Information Ministry of Information and Technology Government

92. Mr. Chipiliro Mtumodzi Government

93. Mr. Ephraim Kasambo Munthali Government

94. Ms. Joy Hayley Munthali Gender Officer Government of Malawi

95. Ms. Brenda Mwale Climate Leader MaSP Government

96. Mr. John Chilekwa Mwase Government

97. Ms. Shamiso Nandi Najira Deputy Director Environmental Affairs Department

98. Mr. Bernard Daniel Ndege Reporter Government Malawi Broadcasting Corporation

99. Ms. Chimwemwe Nyambose Ndhlovu Government

100. Mr. Maxwell Mulotwa Ng’ambi Government

101. Mr. Julius Ng’oma National Coordinator Government

102. Mr. Lee Aristotle Ngirazie Christian Aid Government

103. Ms. Maness Nkhata Ngoma Board Member National Youth Council Government

104. Mr. Dokani Mkwinda Ngwira Government

105. Mr. Malawi Makaranga Ngwira Government

106. Ms. Chimwemwe Nyondo Njoloma Reporter Ministry of Information (Malawi News Agency) Government

107. Ms. Angela Sizakele Nkata Protocol Officer Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government

108. Mr. Hendricks Fiskani Nkhata Programme Officer MaSP

109. Mr. Jolamu Lebiamu Nkhokwe Director Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services Government of Malawi

110. Mr. Dyce Kapumula Nkhoma Director of Risk Reduction Department of Disaster Management Affairs Government

111. Mr. Denis Nliwasa Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government

112. Mr. James Kennedy Ntupanyama Independent Consultant/ Advocate for Environment Government

113. Mr. Amon Dominic Nyasulu Programme Manager National Youth Network on Climate Change

114. Mr. Govati Benard Nyirenda Government

115. Mr. Velli Vellapie Nyirongo Climate Change Scholar Government

116. Mr. Macduff Bottie Phiri Government

117. Mr. Raphael Mb’obo Phiri Government

118. Mr. Gideon Kalumbu Phiri Government

119. Ms. Annie Phiri Government

120. Mr. Joseph Kenson Sakala Executive DIRECTOR Youth for Environment and Sustainable Development Government

121. Mr. David Samikwa Climate Leader MaSP Government

122. Ms. Rejoice Shumba Government
123. Mr. Luckie Kanyamula Sikwese Principal Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government

124. Ms. Monica Effie Silika Government

125. Mr. Fred Ica Simwaka Chief Gender & Development Officer Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Government

126. Ms. Jane Nina Swira Program Manager, National Climate Resilience Programme Environmental Affairs Department Government

127. Mr. Morgan Zachariah Tembo Government

128. Mr. Elias Ellias Tsokalida Counsellor Malawi High Commission in London Government of Malawi

129. Mr. Joshua Shongah Valeta LUANAR Government

130. Mr. Max John Wengawenga Deputy Director of Planning Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources Government

131. Mr. Peter William Alan West Malawi Honorary Consul in Scotland

132. Mr. Chimwemwe Yonasi Environmental Inspector Environmental Affairs Department

133. Ms. Catherine Kettie Zamaere Deputy Director Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government

134. Ms. Colleen Pempho Zamba Government

135. Mr. Frank McDonald Zingani Protocol Officer Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government

136. Mr. Titus Sanza Zulu Assistant Director Government Department of Forestry

137. Mr. Eliya Msiyaphazi Zulu Executive Director of Development Policy African Institute for Development Policy Government

138. Mr. Moses Aaron Zuze Principal Economist Ministry of Local Government Government

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