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WHISTLE BLOWER NEWS: Naming and Shaming Corrupt Judges and Lawyers in Malawi (Part 1)

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Corrupt Judges in Malawi

Ken Manda. Lilongwe High Court Commercial

KEN MANDA: Corrupt Judge

Openly corrupt. Even his clerks, Nanga, Eric, Jona are corrupt.

Shares proceeds from cases with corrupt lawyers.
Wapona Kita, Edgar Kachere takes all their cases to him. They dont lose.

Judgements are sometimes written for him before a case is heard by these lawyers. He is also close to Ralph Kasambara.

At one point honest lawyer Pempho Lilongwe nearly beat up Justice Manda for his corrupt Judgements.

He was sleeping in Wapona Kitas house when his marriage was bad.

Other corrupt lawyers like Lusungu gondwe and Frank mbeta travel all the way from Blantyre to Lilongwe to do cases at his court.

Manda has done this for years. 40th day has come. All his cases all his judgements must be reopened and checked.

All his judgement are being challenged in supreme court. Because They are corrupt.

Kenyatta Nyirenda: Lilongwe High Court

KENYATA NYIRENDA: Another corrupt mafia

Left Blantyre because of his open corruption with Frank Mbeta and other corrupt lawyers. Honest lawyer Masumbu nearly beat up Kenyatta in an Fzdh case.

He was transferred to Lilongwe. Continued corruption with Wapona Kita, Edgar kachere and other corrupt lawyers.

He does all Ken manda does but tries to write convincing judgements to hide the corruption.

Chizuma was correct in that audio when she complained of corrupt judges. There are more in Blantyre and Lilongwe.

Another Judge in Mzuzu built houses in hundreds. Corruption.

We are in mzuzu investigation

Supreme Court

Investigation shows 3 corrupt judges in supreme court. We will name them soon.

Magistrate Court

FRANK MBETA: One of corrupt lawyers

We are told corruption is open in Magistrate court. Dubious judgement. Insurance companies have complained for years at strange judgement where someone lost a fingernail and was given 3 million compensation.

Chief Justice needs to fix his people.

,more to come……….

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