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Friends of Sattar family’s Bursary Fund rescues 25 Chitukula CDSS learners from dropping school

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About 25 learners from Chitukula Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) in the rural Lilongwe have been rescued from being chased out the institution following paying of their fees, thanks to Friends of Sattar’s Family Fund able hand.

Out of 25 learners who were in the verge of dropping school 19 are girls.

The support comes amid huge drop outs at the school as many female learners are opting for early marriages.

According to the fund’s team leader Lumbani Tembo, school management approach them after a number of learners were not reporting for classes due to school fees.

Tembo told this publication that the paid school fees will cover the students education life circle at the institution.

“The needy students will be supported with school fees till they finish their education at the institution. We can’t afford brilliant young girls dropping out school of MK15, 000. 00 per term.

“We want to carry them all into their education life circle at the institution. We have started with 25 learners for this final term that come October, in new term, the number will increase depending on school management assessment on needy student,” assures Tembo.

He added that apart from school fees, the fund is expected to support self boarding female learners at the institution.

One of the beneficiaries Ruth Lester, a form One learner minced her words with excitement of attending classes at peace while assuring fund’s team of working hard to realise her dream of becoming a nurse.

School’ Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) Baloni Yolofesi lauded the fund team for the timely support towards needy learners fees.

Yolofesi assured the fund team of proper utilisation of the support rendered to their children.

The School’s Headteacher Patson Khumalo applauded the team for the support while appealing for more help on the need for administrative block which the school do not have.

Khumalo disclosed that the school’s performance lower than anticipated due to lack teacher houses who travels about 12kms daily for work.

“With long distance the teachers take for work, learners are always unable to finish syllabus hence poor results in national examinations.

“Imagine, one classroom is used for administrative, library and laboratory. How can you expect learners to do well in national examinations? worried head teacher.

He added, “The school has only two houses out of 13 teachers with only for three school blocks.

“However, with the school fees provided, we expect reduction of drop outs as many learners will be back to school and motivate others.

“We therefore other well-wishers to help also with girls hostel as many travel long distances that affect their classes attendance”.

Established in 1997, the school has the enrollment of 260 (126 boys and 134 girls) and is located at Traditional Authority (T.A) Chitukula headquarters in the Lilongwe City North Constituency.

Sattar’s family bursary fund rolled out three years ago aimed at supporting needy students in primary, scondary and tertiary education across the country.

Last month the team’ s fund donated of assorted items worth millions to the financially struggling Malingunde School of the Blind in the rural Lilongwe.

Currently, the fund is being restructured to cover also following areas talent identification and vulnerable communities.

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