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Bushiri, Janta buy several copies of Kelvin Sulugwe’s book

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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and musician Janta have bought several copies of Kelvin Sulugwe’s In Honest Ways Book.

Sulugwe posted a photo of himself and Bushiri after the man of God had bought 20 copies for himself and the people around him.

“Thank you Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for buying 20 copies of my book, In Honest Ways. I will always be grateful to him for the support. Our journey has had its lows and highs, but through it all, the spirit of reconciliation and oneness has prevailed. It’s been 6 years since I ceased being his Public Relations Officer (PRO), but it still feels like just yesterday,” posted Sulugwe.

According to the post by Sulugwr, Bushiri also asked him to write his story.

“I am glad that he is proud of my personal growth, achievements and the man I have become for the society. And he said, “I still want you to write my story someday, you are one of the few people who understand my beginning and the struggles I faced. Tell it as you see fit,” he said.

Musician Janta also posted his encounter with Sulugwe when he announced that he had bought 5 copies of the book, 4 of which he intends to share with his top fans.

“If there is one person I am glad to support willingly without being approached to do so then it’s Kelvin Sulugwe. I will buy 5 copies of his book, In Honest Ways,” posted Janta.

According to Sulugwe, his book will be officially out this monthend and will be available on all digital stores, however, he is currently selling promotion copies at K100,000 each. From September, the book will sell at K20,000

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