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Castel Malawi trains drivers, scooter riders in defensive driving

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Chinsamba is now equipped-photo by Benjamin Maona

Castel Malawi has trained 164 drivers and scooter riders in defensive driving as a way of mitigating cases of accidents in the country.

The company’s Human Resources and Corporate Affairs Director, Gloria Zimba said in an interview that the company noticed increase in accidents involving their trucks and motorcycle operators known as Kabaza between 2021 and this year which prompted the training in conjunction with the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) and Malawi Police Traffic Department. 

“We have captured our truck drivers; we have sales representatives who are on scooters, and others driving pickups and all driving company vehicles. We want to be safe; we want to be an example; we want to carry that mantle of leading safe road use. Our truck drivers, we want them to be always cautious on the road and we want them to always respect other road users. We want our drivers to take up the precaution on the road,” she said.

Chinsamba on her scooter – Photo by Benjamin Maona

Head of Marketing for Castel Malawi, Frank Binauli said the company extended the gesture to other drivers who are not affiliated to Castel Malawi to ensure a totally safe environment including other partners in the distribution system.

“This is one of the departments that have more vehicles on the road. This is not just about our drivers’ safety, but also other road users. We expect the trainees to practice what they have learnt because being trained is one thing, but practicing what you have been taught another. But we emphasize that these people should use the skills to save their lives and to save the lives of other users,” he said.

One of the trainees, Matilda Chinsamba commended Castel Malawi for the initiative saying she has learnt best driving practices.

Kaunga captured on the truck- photo by Benjamin Maona

“I have benefited a lot in terms of reducing the risks and maximum protection on the road before an accident happens. We have been equipped with techniques to avoid accidents before they occur,” said Chinsamba.

Mike Kaunga, representing drivers, said the knowledge will help them adapt to the advanced environment.

“We are living in almost an advanced world; things are changing daily, the roads are being improved from single lanes to dual or maybe three lanes. If we live in the old-age system of driving, we might not be aware of how to maneuver on the roads, hence the defensive driving training. We now have new knowledge,” he said.

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