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In the latest series of hackings of Malawi’s high profile people, a wife to business tycoon Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira, Triephornia has her official facebook page hacked by unknown assailants.

The publication has learnt that the hackers are posting pornographic materials on the facebook page with the aim of tarnishing the good image of Malawi’s top Philanthropist Triephornia, a businesswoman with a selfless heart.

Triephonia is one of the gifts that Malawi and the whole Globe have in terms of humanitarian support and services.

Recently, Triephornia was in the news after donating a brand new Nissan Patrol to Malawi’s renowned hip hop artist, Limbani Kalilani better known by his stage name Tay Grin.

She also stormed the social media after donating 2.5 million kwacha to Mai Mbambande, a non-governmental organization dedicated to assisting the elderly in the country.

As that was not enough, Mai Mpinganjira also supported with air tickets to six children who represented Malawi at Africa Spelling B competition in Uganda.

With all the charitable works mentioned above it is not clear as to whose son of the devil had the courage to hack her facebook page; attacking a Good Samaritan, the hacker might be the devil himself. Indeed, Devil at Work.

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