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PIL plants 6000 trees in Soche Mountain

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PIL General Manager Martin Msimuko plants his tree

Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL), a consortium of four oil marketing companies namely TotalErnegies Malawi, Vivo Energy, Petroda, and Puma Energy, on Wednesday took time off from their offices to plant 6000 trees in Soche Mountain in Blantyre. 

PIL General Manager, Martin Msimuko said the company decided to plant the trees as a way of giving back to the community and restoring the environment.

“We thought it wise to have our first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of the year by planting trees as it coincides with the national forestry season. PIL is concerned about how Blantyre and its mountains are being degraded . Our expectation is that these trees will grow and add beauty to the scenery of Blantyre and they are also going to purify our environment in our city,” said Msimuko.

Soche Mountain Conservation Trust Project Coordinator, Yangairo commended PIL for the initiative but asked more companies to emulate the gesture, saying the efforts to plant the trees can only bear fruits if they are well nurtured. 

Msimuko (middle) flanked by representatives from Total Energies, Puma, Vivo Energy, and Petroda

“We need more support from companies just like PIL and its shareholding companies have done. However, we need, as a country, to make sure we take up initiatives to take care of the trees. Let us empower the members of the community who volunteer to take up the tasks of caring for the trees,” said Yangairo. 

One of the forest guards at the mountain, Edson Mukhweya also thanked PIL for the support. 

Mukhweya however asked for collaboration between the security agencies and the forestry department in enforcing the forest regulations on those found destroying trees. 

“It is so disturbing to see that as we collaborate to end the wanton cutting down of trees in our mountain, some government agencies act like they are supporting the behaviour. For instance, as guards, we cannot persecute those that are found destroying the trees. We therefore take them to the Police, but surprisingly, you will meet the same people in the forest again the next day after being released without trial,” said Mukhweya. 

The national forestry season starts in December up to April every year. 

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