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We Lose Kaning’ina Forest, we are Doomed- NRWB

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Authorities in Mzuzu have sounded a timely warning to residents that if Kaning’ina forest is destroyed through deforestation, then Mzuzu is doomed in as far water supply is concerned.

Speaking at Kaning’ina Forest in Chimaliro where Northern Region Water Board NRWB partnered with the Public Relations Society of Malawi (PRSM) to plant trees in the catchment area, NRWB Director of Operations Engineer Dr. Ausmane Ungwe said Kaning’ina forest is crucial to continued water supply in the city.

NRWB Director of Operations Engineer Dr. Ausmane Ungwe plants one of the trees

“Let’s take this message seriously and to everyone. If we dare to destroy Kaning’ina Forest, then we are doomed here in Mzuzu,” said Ungwe.

Through the partnership, PRSM and NRWB on Friday planted hundreds of trees in Kaning’ina forest in a bid to afforest the catchment area.

The exercise was attended by all relevant stakeholder groups in the city including MDF, Forestry Department, Mzuni, the media and Mzuzu City Council.

Engineer Dr. Ausmane Ungwe speaks during the exercise

PRSM has taken aggressive efforts in the afforestation frive by partnering with stakeholders to plant trees across the country. Last week, the PR professionals partnered with National Water Resources Authority to plant trees at Bua in Kasungu.

PRSM President Benson Linje said the PR body was ready and geared to partner various stakeholders and companies in various engagements, including training management teams in modern communication needs.

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